My Beautiful Garden

Easter Bonnet Alyssum, 2000
Mons Martin Cahuzac Peony, 2003
Sweet William, 2001
Sweet William
Breathless Beauty Day Lily, 2001
Day Lily
by Andrew Ostrander,
Plants from This Year
Bachelors' Buttons Ensete Basil Bells of Ireland
Bishops Goutweed Bleeding Heart Calendula Canna Carrot
Catnip Cedar Celery Celosia Chives
Corn Cosmos Dames Rocket Datura Day Lily
Dill Garlic Geraniums Gladioli Golden Glow
Hollyhocks Hosta Ivy Lambs Ears Lawn
Lettuce Lilacs Lily of the Valley Maltese Cross Marigold
Matthiola Morning Glory Muscari Nasturtium Oriental Poppy
Oxalis Parsley Petunia Ponytail Palm Poppy
RF Sunflower Rhubarb Ribbon Grass Schizanthus Scilla
Shasta Daisies Snapdragon Spearmint Sunflower Sweet Pea
Tarragon Thicket Creeper Tiger Lily Tomato Tulip

Other Data for 2020
Map General Pond Seeding Schedule 2020

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