Bachelor's Buttons P H N
Asteraceae:  Centaurea cyanus
Bachelor's Buttons, 2000
Bachelor's Buttons, 2000
April 14: Bed dug the lower bed.

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June 17: No plants noticed yet.
August 20: A few plants are flowering in the raised bed.
June 7: A few plants here and there.
July 4: Flowering.
December 31: Strangely, none in their bed, but some in the central bed.
June 15: First flower.
June 23: Many volunteers are starting to flower, both near the pond and near the calendula.
September 23: A good show. They are cleard away now.
March 25: Many sprouts beside the pond.
September 15: Did fine, near the pond and mixed in with the calendula.
May 22: There are volunteers here and there, most badly located because of the new raised bed and retaining wall.
I moved a few to be among the calendula.
June 24: A few flowers here and there.
September 27:A good display.
May 16: One volunteer along the edge of its now-mulched bed.
June 17: Thick in the yellow tulip bed.
July 1: There are volunteers here and there, and one has produced its first flower.
August 3: Flowering nicely here and there.
April 4: As the snow melts, it has revealed many bachelors buttons in the parrot tulip bed.
May 4: I scattered seeds from 3 previous years in their intended bed.
June23: Almost no seedlings in their bed, so I moved 3 in from elsewhere.
April 30: There were lots of volunteers before rototilling. I saved a few.
May 27: Strangely, there are no volunteers in their bed and only a few elsewhere.
June 24: A couple of the volunteers are flowering.
April 26:One volunteer about 7 cm tall in the perennial bed.
May 22: I move 2 volunteers into its bed after rototilling and a few new ones have appeared too.
August 1: The plants are not very large, probably due to lack of rain.
May 16:  I moved 3 volunteers into the bed.
June 24:  3 plants are flowering, none of them in the designated bed.
October 4:  Fair this year. I guess the cloudy wet June impacted them.
May 8:  I dug up 7 volunteers and replaced them after rototilling.
June 23:  First flower, and more volunteers have grown in the bed.
July 31:  Flowering nicely.
March 26:  Many volunteer sprouts can be seen in their bed!
April 19:  Most died, but a few have grown into multiple leaves.
May 4:  I moved volunteers into the intended bed.
June 6:  First flower.
July 5:  Most plants are flowering nicely.   The volunteers in the perennial bed that were never moved are doing better, on average, than those I moved.
29:  Many flowers, in blue, pink, and magenta.   I have been busy deadheading.
August 26:  I collected seeds, but left the plants to scatter more.
29:  All the seeds seem to have scattered at once, So I cleared the plants out.
October 16:  Their bed is full of volunteers, that have sprouted about 6 months early!
April 9: Almost all of the snow is gone, and there are many sprouts here and there, especially in the bachelors buttons bed.
May 20:  I thinned out the bed, and moved a plants to space them well.
June 18:  Two flowers.
August 2:  They flowered nicely while I was away, and today I cut them back to induce new blossoms.
September 7:  There were few new blossoms.
May 1: There is one volunteer bachelor button.
May 12: I dug and replanted several volunteers, to accommodate the rototiller.
June 18: First flower.
July 20: Flowering nicely.
August 29: I cleared them out. I collected some seed pods, and scattered some pods where the plants were.
April 7: I planted 18 seeds from last year into 9 cells.
11: 4 sprouts.
13: I put 10 more seeds into the empty cells.
May 21: I set out 9 plants.
27: Mulched with grass clippings.
June 10: One volunteer plant began flowering today.
July 4: First flower on a plant started inside.
August 1: I have collected seeds from 2 volunteers, and will stop deadheading the other plants today.
13: I collected enough seeds today for next year. I pulled some of the plants.
April 10: I planted 18 seeds from last year into 9 cells.
17: No sprouts yet, so I dug up 3 cells and found 2 seeds. Both were swollen, but neither had sprouted.
19: No sprouts yet, so I planted another 9-pak, using seeds from earlier years, 3 per cell.
21: A few sprouts are coming through today from the second sowing.
22: There are seven sprouts today from the second sowing, in 4 cells. I moved them under the lights.
24: I resowed the original 9-pak with 4 seeds per cell, 2 from each previous year. I found one of the seeds from the previous sowing sprouted just under the surface. The soil smells sour. Maybe it has been too wet.
25: I transplanted 3 of the 7 sprouts into a cell each. There are a few plants in the garden now.
26: I dug 2 or 3 small plants out so that Vic could rototill that area.
27: I replanted 2 of those where I had planned, and I transplanted one from elsewhere in the garden. The second crop of seeds in the original 9-pak are sprouting now.
May 24: All 9 plants are doing fine.
June 14: The self-seeded plants at 503 are in flower already.
18: First flower, blue, from a volunteer that I relocated.
June 21: First flower from a plant started indoors.
June 30: Flourishing. Most are in flower.
July 29: I will continue to deadhead the 2 magenta flowered plants, but I will let the others go.
August 13: I uprooted the non-magenta plants.
14: I deadheaded the 3 magenta plants. I will let them go to seed now. Two of them are in the button bed, and 1 near the lilies.
~September 21: I collected the seed. There were very few seeds of a normal size in the seed heads. Perhaps bachelor buttons are not self-viable. One of the magenta plants died without flowering again; the other two produced a few seeds each.
April 14: Started 1 6-pak, with 3 of last year's seeds in each cell.
16: Sprouts.
June 1: They recently caught and are flourishing.
April 13: Started 1 9-pak.
20: 6/9 sprouts. 3 cells reseeded.
May 30: 6 plants set out.
June 18: First flower.
August 7: Many flowers.
December 18: A great show last summer, but some work clipping dead blossoms.
April 13: Seeds started.
May 4: Seedlings doing fine.
~30: Planted out. One flower whilst still in the 6-pak.
September 3: They flowered magnificently.
~April 4: Started some seeds.
May 8: Doing well.
25: Planted 9.
June 15: First flower, but that may have been from a transplanted volunteer.
July 7: In flower nicely, in pink, pale pink, magenta, and blue.
April 20: Planted 24 bachelor's button seeds.
26: 5 seedlings and 3 sprouts. 10 more seeds planted.
June 21: 11 plants, 4 in flower.
September 7: The bachelors' buttons came in 3 colours-- blue, pink, and magenta. I collected seeds from the magenta ones.
August 18: They are in flower.
September 4: They are finishing up.