Ponytail Palm P H N
Asparagaceae: Beaucarnea recurvata
April 16: Doing fine in its pot in the front hall. There are many side shoots around the bottom of the main trunk.
June 28: The pot is in the garden and the plant is doing fine.

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August 21:Doing fine in its pot on the back deck.
April 11: Doing fine in the front hall. In addition to the 2 shoots off the base that were there last year, there are several more now.
September 28: I brought my plant in. First frost expected tonight.
June 20: It is sitting in its pot in the garden.
July 1: It is in its pot on the shady side of the house, still hardening off.
September 23: It got put out and did well enough.
September 19 : It did well enough in a new pot sunk into the raised bed.
~June 15: I set my ponytail palm houseplant out in the raised flower bed. Half its plastic pot broke away.
September 26: I lifted it and left it outside. Its root system had not grown much.
before 2011
I had this ponytail palm as a houseplant for several years, and I used to set it out on the back deck for the summer.
Ponytail Palm, 2011
Ponytail Palm, 2011