Calendula P H N
Asteraceae:  Calendula officinalis
Calendula, 2003
Calendula, 2003
June 18: None yet.

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June 6: A quick search did not reveal any plants.
30: 2 (only 2!) volunteers.
July 5: Their space was covered in landscape fabric all winter, and longer, and there were no plants there. I removed the fabric and turned the soil over in May. Now there are about 6 calendula plants there.
9: First flower.
August 11: Flowering well.
16: I will stop deadheading today.
December 31: None this year. Not even a single volunteer!
September 28: Flowering very nicely now, after a period of no blossoms.
June 16: Weeded and thinned.
June 23: Many volunteers in their bed, in need of thinning.
July 4: Thinned 2 days ago. A few flowers now.
September 2: They flowered beautifully for much of the summer. I cleared them out today.
September 15: Did fine.
May 22: Many many sprouts, too close together of course.
June 24: I began thinning and weeding. There are a couple of flowers.
September 27:A fine show. I put some bachelor buttons among them and intend to have a mixed bed next year.
April 16: Sprouts are up.
June 17: Small plants sparse in their bed.
July 2: A few flowers.
May 24: No sign of them yet.
July 4: Most amazing: almost no plants this year, whereas usually they are thick in their bed.
August 3: A few plants, in flower.
18: Their bed is full of flowers.
May 10: No sprouts yet.
14: A number of leaves are just peeking through.
24: Their bed is filled with many sprouts.
~June 20: I finished thinning them.
April 30: There were many many seedlings before rototilling, and, of course, none after.
May 27: Their bed is just packed with sprouts. Today I thinned part of it.
June 10: I thinned the rest.
April 26:  Many sprouts in their bed. Unfortunately they will be rototilled under.
May 22: Many new sprouts now.
August 1: Many plants with many flowers. I have stopped deadheading today.
April 27:  Many sprouts in their area. Unfortunately they will be tilled under.
May 28:  New volunteers have appeared almost everywhere they are wanted (and many spots besides).
June 19:  The weather has been cloudy and rainy and almost all the volunteers have disappeared!
July 19:  A few flowers.
October 4:  Still flowering. They did well enough this year, but flowered late.
May 24:  Sprouts have appeared today that I expect are calendulas.
June 9:  I moved more volunteers into its bed.
July 16:  First flowers.
August 24:  Still flowering nicely, although I stopped deadheading August 1.
Dec. 31:  They did well from volunteers.
May 28: No sign of any yet.
June 13:  After days of rain, there are a few new sprouts in the garden.
August 2:  There are several plants flowering nicely.
September 7:  They are doing well and fill half the southeast bed nicely.
June 6: There are a few volunteers.
June 18: None left! Slugs?
July 16: First flower today, from a new volunteer.
December 2: There was a nice display of flowers from later volunteers.
May 22: I sprinkled seed from 1999 in their area, and raked it lightly.
June 21: There are about 5 plants in that area, and I moved 4 volunteers into it today.
July 26: First flower is opening today.
September 17: Some plants have gone completely to seed, but some still look bright.
October 4: Cleared away.
May 22: There are some small volunteers in the portulaca bed that look like they might be calendulas.
29: I moved 3 volunteers to a calendula spot.
June 4: I moved a few more volunteers.
19: And a few more.
June 30: Flourishing. Most of the soil fell off the roots when they were transplanted, but it doesn't seem to have hurt them at all.
July 12: First flower.
August 3: Flowering nicely.
31: Pretty much finished.
September 11: I collected seeds and cleared them away.
November 21: One plant is still alive.
May 3: In 2 tries, no seeds would sprout!
June 24: 1 volunteer moved.
April 27: Seeds started, using last year's seeds.
May 4: Sprouting satisfactorily.
31: Set out 9.
June 3: Replaced 2, due to wind damage. No cutworms!
17: Cutworms have got all but 4.
~August 20: Flowering beautifully.
May 10: Visible