Oriental Poppies P H N
Papaveraceae:  Papaver orientale
Oriental Poppy, June 13, 2003
Oriental Poppy, June 13, 2003
June 24: They flowered nicely.

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May 6: Three 3 plants are up.
18: I sprinkled seeds of a red-flowered variety on soil. Today there are many sprouts.
June 13: Still many seedlings in one small flat.
August 21: The 3 plants flowered. The seedlings never resembled the existing variety of poppy. I planted them hastily, and nothing seems to have survived.
June 12: There are 3 clumps, and flowering has started.
April 10: No sign of them.
May 3: One plant up.
12: There were 3 plants. I divided one as it had split into two distinct clumps. I dug one clump and split it into 2 smaller clumps. I expected fibrous roots but the soil under the plant was filled with thick tap roots. Probably more frequent division is advisable.
25: The divisions are doing ok. They are not nearly as advanced as the undisturbed plants but they seem to be taking hold.
17: One division is flourishing and one is languishing. One other plant has a flower.
July 1: One division is alive and one looks dead. The other plants have finished flowering.
December 31: 2 or 3 plants in their location. It is strange that there are no new plants.
June 19: Beginning to flower now.
June 23: I had a few flowers from the larger plant in the old spot, and one flower from the plant in the new spot.
September 23: I moved 2 plants from the old spot in late August. They had no fine roots at that time, or if they did, the roots broke off during transplanting, but I hope they put out new ones and recover next year.
September 17: I had only 2 plants in the old spots, and they were not very large. They died back, they have not sent up any new growth yet.
April 17: Growth in the remaining part of its old bed and in the bed to which I moved some plants last fall.
June 6: Budding in the old spot.
17: First flower.
March 31: New leaves are coming through the mulch.
June 17: In full flower.
July 1: Deadheaded.
October 18: They died right down, but now have a large rosette of leaves. I moved 3 plants because the planned raised bed will take up most of their current space.
July 4: The last flower is in full bloom now. They did fine.
August 3: I have mulched their bed. I hope this helps with weed control (dandelions and Dames Rocket).
September 29: There are many rosettes of young leaves.
April 10: The melting snow revealed some plants of moderate size. They do not seem as large as other years. Perhaps they have had to compete too much with self-sowed Dames Rockets and dandelions.
June 24: Many blossoms on large plants.
April 10: There are a few leaves in the garden, in rather poor condition.
May 1: They look fine now. The leaves form attractive sprays.
June 16: Over half have finished flowering.
April 2: The snow has melted and revealed some small green leaves, which I expect will continue to grow.
May 30: First flowers.
August 1: Dried up long ago.
May 9:  Doing fine. 6 good-sized clumps.
June 19:  The weather has been cloudy and rainy and now 2 days of sun and heat caused half the buds to burst open yesterday, and last only the day. More buds opened today.
May 9:  Up but a little sparse.
June 24:  I deadheaded them.
July 19:  I cleared away most of the foliage, which was now dead.
October 4:  There are a few bunches of light green foliage.
Oriental Poppy
Oriental Poppy, June 13, 2004
June 21:  2 flowers open.
July 31:  They put on a good show, and have now largely died back.
August 18:  They had died back so I mowed them down.
March 24:  The snow is almost gone from their bed and most plants have a few green leaves.
May 29:  Doing fine.
June 11:  First flower.
27:  I deadheaded the last blossom.
August 14:  I cleared away the last of the old vegetation today.   There is a little new growth.
October 19:  There are several clusters of new leaves now.
April 9: Almost all of the snow is gone, and there is young growth in the oriental poppy bed.
June 20: The first flower is opening today.
July 24:  Dying down.   They look rather poor now.
May 1: Up and doing well.
June 1: First flower.
March 20: New growth is visible today.
May 8: As a result of moving the plants last autumn, many small plants are growing in many new places, and have to be weeded.
June 8: The first 3 blooms opened today.
August 8: They have largely died back. There is one flower!
October 4: There are many medium-sized green leaves.
March 27: There are green leaves on the ground, now that the snow has gone.
May 24: Doing very well.
June 6: First flower.
25: No blossoms left. Started to look tired.
August 3: Most plants still have green parts.
31: Brown now.
September 23: I moved 5 plants to a new spot in the perennial bed, which Kyle dug today and to which he added compost. One plant was already there. Kyle dug out the previous plants. I gave some of the roots to General Byng School.
30: It was a good show this year. Green leaves are visible in the new spots.
November 21: The plants are still alive, but there are few leaves.
Oriental Poppy
Oriental Poppy
May 2: In leaf.
June 3: Many full buds should open soon.
12: "60%" of the buds are open.
May 5: No growth occurred under the snow.
June 4: Flourishing.
June 11: First flower.
May 4: Doing well in the garden, many new leaves.
June 15: First flowers. The plants are flourishing.
September 3: Cleared them out, although parts were still green.
May 10: Visible.
June 20: I beheaded the final dead flowers today.
July 28: Cleared the dead foliage, except for 1 plant.
April 20: Visible.
September 4: They are growing again; I guess it's due to all the rain; one is in flower.