Tarragon P H N
Asteraceae:  Artemisia dracunculus
Tarragon, 2000
Tarragon, 2000
June 18: Doing ok. Many new shoots, but not thick ones. Too much quackgrass in with them.

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June 20: Doing fairly well.
March 28: Small shoots from their new location.
September 23: Did fine.  
May 23: A fair size but pale; I gave it some iron fertilizer.
October: I dug most of it and moved it to a new spot.
June 17: Large and flourishing.
July 4: Doing fine.
September 29: Cut back a few days ago and mulched.
April 17: New growth.
May 24: Lots of lovely light green new leaves.
April 24: Shoots are just up.
June 24: Doing fine.
April 8: New growth now.
August 1: Doing well.
May 10:  Doing fine.
July 27:  Doing fine. I have used some of it to make lemon-tarragon chicken. (Stuff chicken with tarragon and lemon pieces and steam 2 hours. Reduce broth to make gravy.)
June 23:  Doing fine, although the leaves are rather pale.
April 19:  Fresh growth visible.
May 29:  Doing fine.
July 5:  Flourishing.
~October 6:  Ben cut it back.
May 21: Many small leaves.
July 24:  Growing well.
May 1: Coming through.
June 18: Small but flourishing.
April 24: New shoots appeared today.
May 16: I forgot about the plant on the east side of the house, and sprayed it with Round-Up.
June 8: Still alive.
July 8: Dead. The plant in the garden is fine, although not very big.
August 8: The garden plant does not have many stems, but it is tall, and flowering.
~September 28: William moved the plant to a spot near the fence. This will make the perennial bed showier.
April 19: Small shoots are visible in the garden today, with that wonderful tarragon odour when rubbed.
May 24: Doing fine, although perhaps a little pale.
June 30: Flourishing.
August 3: Flourishing. I cut away most of the outer stems, and have tied the centre ones up into a bunch.
31: The same. The centre bunch has fallen over.
September 24: I moved part of the root to the east side of the house. The plant does not need such a good location, as I use so little of it.
May 2: In leaf.
June 3: Flourishing, although the leaves are yellowish.
June 1: Doing fine.
May 4: Beginning to sprout.
~June 23: Removed plastic from around it, and mulched.
May 9: Sprouting well.
September: Harvested for tarragon vinegar, and dried leaves.
June 25: Today I planted a plant from Joan Simpkins.
September 5: Doing ok.