Catnip or Catmint P H N
Labiatae:  Nepeta cataria
Catnip, 2011
Catnip, 2011
June 18: Growing in their usual area near the compost bins.

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June 7: Flourishing in their usual area near the compost bins.
July 5: Some plants in their usual area near the compost bins.
December 31: Still flourishing in its area.
June 23: Doing well enough.
March 23: Some new leaves, about 30 cm from the house.
May 22: Flourishing lushly in the lawn near its bed.
May 16: None in its mulched bed, but a few sprouts behind the air conditioning unit.
July 4: Many plants against the house near their bed, but about only 1 in that bed.
April 4: As the snow melts, it has revealed a little catnip right next to the house.
May 24: The catnip is doing moderately well in its bed, but has invaded the lawn and also appears here and there in the neighbouting beds.  
April 24: Two small shoots are up.
May 27: There are almost no plants in their bed, but there are some in the lawn nearby!
April 12: One plant is up.
August 1: A few plants are still in the bed.
April 19:  It was the first thing up in the east bed.
May 9:  There is little left. I think the cat has been eating it.
July 7:  It's coming back.
October 4:  Flourishing now.
May 18:  A few tiny sprouts are in sight now.
July 31:  A few tiny plants have developed in their bed, and there are many sprouts in the nearby grass.
October 18:  I put in a separator to give them their own bed, and they continued to grow all summer.
April 19:  None in its bed, but one plant in the mint bed.
29:  One small plant in its bed.
May 21:  There are a few small plants in its bed.   The lily of the valley may take the plot over.
July 5:  I was wrong.   They have come along strongly, and are flourishing at their end of the bed.   Elliott the cat was chewing at a leaf 2 days ago.
September 1:  Still flourishing.
~October 6:  Ben cleared the bed, and put manure on top later.
April 22: Sprouting in many spots in its bed.
July 24:  Doing very well, tall and in flower.
September 7:  Gone to seed.
May 1: A few shoots are poking through in the lawn near its bed.
June 18: Some plants are growing right beside the house in its bed.
July 23: Coming along fine. I found one plant outside the west fence; I guess it got there in the compost.
December 2: It did fine this year. Plants could be found here and there in the lawn near its original bed.
Catnip, 2000
Catnip, 2000
March 22: The cat found the new growth before I did. The new shoots were covered with old leaves. Elliott, the cat, chewed at it, scratched at it a bit, and rolled in the area.
May 16: Sprayed with Round-Up.
August 7: One shoot remains. I photographed it today.
March 22: A few sprigs are green and growing, already!
April 12: It seems to be taking over the lily of the valley bed!
May 16: Gilbert removed some of the catnip from the bed, to give the north patch of lily of the valley a better chance.
June 30: Flourishing in a reduced area.
August 10: I pulled off all the large stems. I do not want it to displace the lily of the valley.
31: It has not regrown.
May 2: Growing well.
March 28: 2 9-paks planted.
April 4: 50% sprouts. More seeds added.
May 3: I have about 12 plants. Repotted today, mostly for sale.
May 24: All but 5 donated to sale.
May 30: 5 plants set out among the lily of the valley.
June 25: 4 have been attacked by cats.
December 18: After harvest, Elliott was only slightly interested.