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South Seas, 2003
South Seas, 2003
Grape Velvet, 2003
Grape Velvet, 2003
May 12: Some shoots from all clumps.

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June 18: Rather sparse.
August 20: One flower today.
June 6: Rather sparse.
April 1: No visible growth yet.
April 1: Early spraying with Round-Up eliminated most of the quackgrass.
December 31: Rather a lot of quackgrass among them..
April 24: New shoots are visible along the fence.
June 23: Doing fine.
September 23: They did alright but I never got the quackgrass weeded out from among them.
September 15: Did fine. Mowed back today to allow painting of the fence.
January 1: No information yet.
January 1: No information yet.
July 4: Coming along.
August 3: Doing fine. I have flowers of Grape Velvet, Breathless Beauty, and Bonanza.
September 29: I had Storm transplant one Grape Velvet, but instead of moving a large clump with soil, he removed the soil and only transferred a few stalks with a few roots. I will see if it survives the winter.
May 7: All plants are back except one Breathless Beauty.
18: Growing fine. Today I sprinkled sulphur in their bed.
April 8: There is new growth on some plants.
May 1: All plants are back except one Breathless Beauty. Ben may have rototilled that under.
June 5: All the plants are back. I sprinkled some sulphur around them a couple of weeks ago to try to prevent iron chlorosis.
April 5: The lilies in spots 4, 5, 7, 8, and 11, as counted from the north, show new growth.
13: Eight of the nine lilies from last year are growing, and the growth in the other spot (spot 10, a Grape Velvet) may be from a daylily too.
June 15:The South Seas plants look poorly. The ends of their leaves are brown and dead, and dead streaks go back in the leaves too. The growth in spot 10 is a day lily, but it has not grown much.
August 1: They have been producing a nice display.
29: I transplanted some scapes from Breathless Beauty into the empty spots 1 and 6.
April 19:  Growing for some time now.
May 16:  All are coming along, except for 2 Breathless Beauties which seem to have died. One Breathless Beauty remains.
July 19:  All varieties are in flower. Ther are many blossoms of Bonanza, but Breathless Beauty was the first to flower days ago.
Bonanzas, 2005 2004
Feb 7:  I put my South Seas seeds into the refrigerator.
14:  I put them into a 5% hydrogen peroxide solution in the refrigerator.
17:  I drained them and returned them to the refrigerator, in a loosely sealed plastic bag.
March 3:  I planted them.   One had sent out small roots.
30:  There is one new green leaf in the garden.
~May 20:  I tossed out the seed cells.   I guess they weren't viable after all.
June 6:  The 9 plants are growing well.   I tossed fertilizer on them, and sulphur on the 2 South Seas plants, which were exhibiting yellow leaves with green veins.
19:  More sulphur and acid fertilizer and iron chelates for all of them, which are exhibiting signs of chlorosis.   They are all growing exuberantly.
July 31:  First flower, a Bonanza.
August 24:  I moved a plant and divided 2.   Unfortunately, the purple velvet fan I moved had almost no roots and will probably not survive.
October 18:  It seemed to be doing ok, so perhaps it will come back in the spring.
Bonanza, 2003
Bonanza, 2003
April 19:  New growth has begun.
May 8:  There is new growth from all plants.
June 3:   I sprinkled sulphur around them and gave them a drink of iron chelates shaken with water.
July 1:   They are doing very well.   Today I gave them some acidic fertilizer.
20:   First flower, a Grape Velvet.
29:  All 4 varieties are flowering now.
August 26:  Yesterday seems to have been the last day for flowers.
31:  South Seas has a seed pod.   I thought this was impossible for a tetraploid plant, but an internet search shows it's not.
September 1:  I divided South Seas.   About 10 days ago I split the clump with a spade, cutting off 2 fans.   Today I prepared the new hole with compost, removed the 2 fans from the old clump, and planted them in the new spot.
28:  I harvested the seed pod from South Seas.   The seeds have apparently fallen out of one sector, but there are big black seeds in the other 2 sectors.
October 19:  The divided plants have been doing well.   Now the leaves are beginning to yellow and collapse.
April 30: New growth is visible today.
May 22: 8 plants are coming along.
June 19: I bought a new plant at the Lily Nook in Neepawa 2 days ago, and planted it today.   It variety is Grape Velvet, Hemerocallis diploid, and it has a flower stalk.   Its tag says it produces a continuous supply of deep purple flowers with bright yellow throats, and it blooms mid to late season.
September 7:  Breathless Beauty has been producing flowers, and I saw one flower of the South Seas variety, but the Bonanza plants have not grown much and if they flowered it was while I was away and I missed them.
Breathless Beauty, 2003
Breathless Beauty, 2003
May 28: I bought 5 Breathless Beauty bulbs from T&T for $12.95, and 1 South Seas for $9.95. I bought 3 bulbs of Bonanza for $7.00 from Wal-Mart.
May 29: I planted them.
June 6: I moved them farther along the fence.
June 18: They seem to be coming along.
July 3: I see one flower stalk developing.
July 23: First flower, a deep burgundy, and very attractive.   I don't know what variety it is as it doesn't match the photos of the kinds I bought.   It is not scented.   I installed edging today along the day lily bed, and afterwards I counted 9 or 10 plants.   I thought there were 11.   Did I accidentally bury 2, were they gone already, or do I remember wrong?
July 28: There are 2 plants with flowers of the first variety, and one dead flower of a different sort.
August 6: The first flower variety was a Breathless Beauty, and the second a South Seas. This is from comparison with plants in Shelmerdine's greenhouse. They aren't very close to their photos in the catalogs!