Morning Glories P H N
Convolvulaceae:  Ipomoea purpurea
Morning Glory, 2000
Morning Glory, 2000
~May 24: Ben cleared along the fence a few days ago and scattered some seeds. Today I added more seeds of Early Call mixed. My previous plants had blue flowers; the new seeds are of mixed colours.
June 28: Many plants, but apparently not evenly distributed.

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August 21: Ben cleared along the fence in spring and unfortunately took them out. A few have sprouted since then but are still short and not flowering yet.
August 11: Rick put the climbing wires back and the plants are flowering nicely but they are not as numerous this year as in most previous years.
December 31: No climbing wires for them. They grew a bit.
December 31: Their climbing wires were taken down to build a new fence.
June 30: Volunteers are growing in the semi-circular bed and along the fence.
September 23: They grew well up the trellis in the semi-circular bed but there was no netting along the fence and they formed a long low bed.
September 14: I planted the Double Sunrise Serenade seeds in the semi-circle near the house. They started to flower later than the singles, but have produced some nice blossoms. The singles had slowed flower production, so I had them taken down to allow painting the fence.
December 31: They did well enough.
March 13: I bought a package of Double Sunrise Serenade seed, McKenzie seeds, $3.89. The flowers are pink, and double.
August 3: Few plants, and very late. No flowers yet.
September 29: Doing fine. Flowering nicely.
December 31: They made a slow start but eventually made a fair display on the fence.
May 1: Ben cleared away the old vines.
Ma 16: James cleaned up their bed and loosened the soil and removed most of the old vines and scattered seeds there.
August 1: Doing well.
June 24:  The old netting is gone, and the new plants are small and irregularly located.
July 2:  Ben put new netting up.
19:  The plants are just starting to climb the netting.
October 4:  They were slow to cover the fence, but finally they put on a good show.
April 1:  Rabbits have eaten the old vines as far up as they could reach.
July 14:  I installed new netting.   The rabbits apparently chewed through the old stuff too.   Plants are small, 5 to 15 cm tall.
July 30:  A few flowers.
October 18:  A good display, but late.
June 12:  I weeded along the fence, and found enough volunteers there.
July 29:  A few flowers.   I finally got a net trellis up for them today.
August 26:  They are doing fine on the netting.
~May 12: I cleared along the fence and scattered seeds there, and then disturbed the soil there.
September 7:  They did not do so well as the rough false sunflower has become dominant along the fence and they were all taken down when Jared painted the fence.
May 4: I scattered seeds along the east side of the west fence, at the south end.
May 18: Now I see one seedling, plus a couple of volunteers in the garden.
May 28: Many plants along the fence.
July 1: A few plants along the fence, among the poppies and horsetails. I put a few strings up the fence for them.
July 3: First flower.
October 3: I collected seeds. Towards the end of the summer, many older leaves had brown spots, as if they had been eaten from the inside.
May 21: I sprinkled many seeds into a row along the trellis frame, after soaking them overnight.
June 2: Many sprouts.
July 2: They are beginning to climb up the strings.
19: First flowers.
~September 22: Killed by the first frost.
~28: William cleared them away.
June 24: None this year, despite a few volunteers.
September 4: Some late volunteers are flowering well.
July 6: I transplanted 5 from Parkview Street.
29: Doing well.