Lily of the Valley P H N
Liliaceae:  Convallaria majalis
Lily of the Valley, 2000
Lily of the Valley, 2000
May 29: Flowering nicely.

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April 1: No growth yet.
December 31: Did fine.
June 19: Flowered marvellously.
May 22: Many shoots are up.
June 22: Flowered nicely.
September 15: DId well enough.
May 22: Flourishing.
June 6: Flowering.
May 21: Flowering.
July 4: Coming along fine but has spread too much.
May 24: Doing well.
June 16: Flowering prolifically.
May 1: Many shoots, about 10 cm high.
12: Flower buds.
27: Flowering beautifully.
April 16: They are up now.
May 13: There are many flower buds and a few flowers are open.
August 1: Doing ok. It too seems to be suffering from the extremely dry weather.
April 19:  Sprouting.
May 28:  In flower.
October 4:  A few red berries.
May 16:  Many shoots are up.   It seems to have spread into the mint, and into the area previously dominated by the catnip.
June 9:  Flowering nicely and perfuming its area.
April 18:  Coming through.
May 19:  In flower today.   They have spread to almost fill their bed and are invading the lawn.   It is no longer possible to separate the north planting from the south one.
May 21:  They have been flowering profusely for about 2 days now.
~October 6:  Ben cleared the bed thoroughly and spread some manure on top.
May 3: Many shoots.
June 4: In flower.   The scent coming in through the basement window is very pleasing.
September 7:  A few berries!
May 1: Up and doing well.
May 18: In flower.
April 24: Young shoots are growing, mostly next to the house.
May 14: There are 90 shoots in the south clump, and 6 in the north. There are flowers.
October 4: Frost last night. The plants seem to be closing down for winter.
April 14: A few new shoots are visible today, right next to the house.
May 1: There are 56 shoots in the south clump.
8: Flowering beautifully.
May 16: Gilbert removed some of the catnip from the bed, to give the north patch of lily of the valley a better chance. There are 13 shoots in the north clump.
June 30, August 3 and 31: Flourishing.
May 2: In leaf.
June 3: 21 shoots in the south bunch, and 5 in the north. It flowered nicely.
May 27: 38 shoots in the south clump, 10 widely dispersed in the north.
May 4: Nothing visible yet.
13: 30 shoots visible in the south clump, and 15 in the north.
May 9: It has shoots in two spots. I tossed it some bone meal. There are 14 shoots towards the north, and 11 towards the south.
May 10: Visible today.
25: In flower.