Oxalis or Purple Shamrock P H N
Oxalidaceae: Oxalis triangularis subsp. papilionacea
Oxalis, 2013
Oxalis in Sun, 2013
Oxalis, 2013
Oxalis in Shade, 2013
May 23: Ben planted the tubers from my refrigerator in the raised bed.
June 24: No sprouts!

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Ben planted the tubers in the raised bed.
August 21: A mass of purple leaves and white flowers. Great display.
May 24: I planted my tubers.
June 13: Sprouts coming through.
June 11: I moistened my tubers last night and planted them today, in new locations. They seemed very soft. I will see how they do.
17: Although there is no visible growth outside, 2 tubers that I put into a pot and kept inside have sent up shoots.
July 1: New growth has come up in 8 spots in the raised bed but none in the regular part of the garden.
August 11: A good spread of plants in the raised bed, on plant in the regular part, and growth in the pot. The plants in the raised bed are suffering from dryness.
December 31: I put tubers into the raised bed and they developed nicely, but a little late.
April 5: I watered what may be a pot of oxalis tubers that has been sitting on the basement window ledge all window.
18: Oxalis sprouts have appeared.
June 15: I split the pot contents into 5 clumps and put them into the raised bed.
July 31: All doing fine.
May 26: I split up 2 of the clumps that were stored in newspaper and buried the tubers shallowly in the raised bed. The indoor plant continued to flourish until I cut off its water a couple of months ago. I put it in the refrigerator today.
June 23: From all those tubers in only 2 places have new leaves appeared.
July 4: Those 2 places have produced several leaves each.
September 23: There are now 3 nicely filled patches.
April 16: All 3 pots have sprouted and have many stems and leaves now.
September 16: They did very well in the raised bed and in the house.
December 31: The bulbs from outside are stored in newspaper. The indoor pot is still flourishing.
March 29: I let the plant on the windowsill dry out in the fall, then put it into the refrigerator for a few months. I brought it out and watered it and it rapidly produced a pot full of new leaves!
June 27: The bulbs in the basement did not germinate. I decided to divide the house bulbs and put half of them outdoors, so I set them out and hardened them off. When I went to divide them, I found there were only 4 colourless watery tubers with pine cone-like stems on each of them, each stem leading to a leaf. Most of the leaves broke off from the cones during handling, and the cones from the tubers, and there were very few fine roots, so I decided to keep them as houseplants. I put 2 tubers and several of cones into each of 2 pots and returned the pots to the windowsill.
May 9: I bought 2 plants at the Assiniboine Park Conservatory plant sale.
June 17: I put one plant out in the garden, where it has lost some leaves but I expect it will recover.
July 2: First flowers.
August 6: Flourishing.
December 31: I had the bulbs brought in and I stored them in the basement.