Datura P H N
Solanaceae:  Datura meteloides
Angel's Trumpet, 2009
Angel's Trumpet, 2009
June 1: There are many volunteer seedlings.

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May 7: I started some seeds more than a week ago but there are no sprouts yet.
June 7: Ben set out my 3 seedling, in the raised bed.
August 20: They have done well and are a very good show, a tall raised mound on top of the earth mound.
May 19: I planted a row of seeds outdoors.
June 7: No sprouts.
22 : Many sprouts.
July 4: There are a few volunteers in one corner of their previous location.
30: One flower.
August 28: Many flowers in a nice display.
December 31: One late volunteer.
June 23: No volunteers so far.
September 23: Three volunteers, one of which flowered.
September 15: One nice volunteer.
April 3: I started 6 cells, with 3 seeds per cell, using seeds from last year's volunteer plants.
June 5: I set my 2 seedlings out in the raised bed.
September 27: A large plant and flowering very nicely now.
February 25: I started some seeds in a cloth roll, 6 from last year's package and 10 from last year's garden.
March 9: No germination yet.
March 21: No germination. The seed capsules I picked from my garden became infested with fungus, possible before the seeds were mature and dry, and this may have affected the germination.
July 8: I found 3 good-sized volunteers where it grew last year.
January 24: I ordered seeds of the Angel's Trumpet variety from Stokes Seeds.
February 8: I planted 3 seeds today, and put them on top of the piano.
March 8: No sprouts, so I put 6 seeds on damp tissue in a warm place, and similarly 6 seeds in a cool place.
16: One seed in the warm place has produced a rootlet with a stem going into the seed. I planted it in soil. In the cool place, 2 seeds have begun to sprout.
20: The planted seed has sprouted its cotyledons. I stirred up the soil in the first planted pot. Perhaps the seeds need light to germinate, and were buried too deep. I put all the seeds on tissue under the lights.
~25: One of the seeds in tissue sprouted, and I planted it.
May 24: They are doing well. The largest one has a large maturing flower bud at its top.
30: I set out the larger one.
31: I set out the smaller one too.
July 4: They were both badly damaged by frost, but have recovered and are coming along fine now.
August 3: Doing fine. Many flowers.
September 27: Some of the spiky seed capsules have dried and opened and scattered their seeds. I collected some capsules for seed for next year.
I had some long ago, but I quit growing it because I disliked the scent of the foliage.