Lychnis, or Maltese Cross P H N
Caryophylaceae:  Lychnis chalcedonia
May 12: Growing well. Tall.
June 24: Beginning to flower.

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Other Years

June 13: Growing well.
June 30: It has begun to flower.
May 4: Up.
July 1: Flowering.
December 31: The clump still did well.
June 19: The clump is doing well but there were no seedlings from the seeds.
28: One flower open.
July 31: I deadheaded that first flower, and a few smaller ones have opened.
June 28: A packet of seeds arrived from Stokes.
29: I sowed them in the garden.
September 23: Mid-August I got a small clump of plants from my friend Geoff and planted them. They are still alive and I expect they will do fine next year. There are no sprouts from the seeds. Maybe in the spring.
August: I bought some seeds and sowed them.
September 15: I watered frequently, but I can't tell if any have sprouted or not. There are sprouts, but I don't know of what plant.