Tiger Lilies P H N
Liliaceae:  Lilium tigrinum (or lancifolium)
Tiger Lily, 2003
Tiger Lily, 2003
May 12: Many new short plants have grown.
June 24: Doing well, and there are some small new plants too, with just 2 small leaves.

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~June 6: Ben pulled most plants out whilst weeding.
August 21: One plant flowered near the back pond.
May 22: Growing well.
August 11: Growing well and loaded with flowers for days now. There are some lily beetle holes in the leaves but not too many.
December 31: A few stalks and flowers. There were a couple of lily beetles in the spring but none later. It looks like the systemic insecticide I applied a few years ago is still working.
June 20: Strong healthy stems in one spot in the raised bed. More stems elsewhere but I'm not sure they're tiger lilies.
June 24: Some in the raised bed and a few still by the old sweet pea spot.
September 23: Only one plant in the raised bed flowered.  
May 12: Up a few cm.
June 17: Large, multiplying, and flourishing.
July 2: Budding.
August 6: Flowering is almost over. I used a couple of buds in hot and sour soup.
October 16: I dug the bulbs today in preparation for the installation of the raised flower bed, and planted them today behind the sweet pea trellis, at the north end.
May 1: Many small plants.
July 4: Coming along fine.
August 3: Many buds.
18: Many flowers, beginning about 2 days ago.
May 6: Sprouts today.
August 13: Just coming into flower now.
April 21: Up.
24: No, that was an allium!
April 26: What I believe is the tiger lily is up and growing well.
August 1: Doing well. In flower now.
May 4:  3 shoots are showing.
28: They are the largest of the lilies right now.
July 27:  Flowering beautifully now.
May 4:  Shoots are up now, but not 3 days ago.
June 23:  Doing well, with tall strong stems.
August 20:  First flowers.
May 8:  I believe that one of the lily shoots is from this lily.
July 5:  Yes, there are several shoots of this lily.   They can be distinguished by the black bulbils at the base of the leaves.
August 3:  First flower.   There are 2 stalks.
October 19:  This was the first lily to die back.
September 7: I took some bulbils from plants in the English garden, and scattered them in the lily bed a few days ago.   When I looked today, intending to plant them, I could not find them.
September 20: I took 2 plants from Erika Kinn's garden, and 2 bulbils, and planted them.