Garlic P H N
Liliaceae:  Allium sativum
May 18: There are a few plants in the south end of the most southwest bed.

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June 12: The plants have been growing well but sadly, since they were surrounded by quackgrass, I missed seeing them and sprayed them with Round Up a few days ago.
November22: I managed to harvest 1 small plant. Today I planted 8 bulblets that I bought at St. Leon's Market some months ago.
June 11: I cleared away the mulch from one area and found 3 garlic plants growing there. It looks like I didn't plant any last fall. There was a major ice storm in October and I guess after that I didn't do any gardening.
October 29: I neglected to harvest my bulbs in summer and could find only one of them when I eventually did. I planted my 4 cloves back out today, just west of where the asparagus used to be.
December 31: Some survivors from last year.
September 28: I planted one long row but I forgot to harvest them.
October 17: I planted 12 cloves in the northeast corner of the north bed.
May 19: Shoots are up.
June 19: Doing fine.
July 31: I removed the scapes about a week ago.
May 25: Many plants are up.
June 23: They are developing their flowers buds.
September 23: I harvested them in August and got a satisfactory yield. I didn't notice the "Russians" separately from the others.
November 4: I planted 12 bulbs in 2 rows with compost.
August 15: Harvested. A few good large bulbs, and a few of what a local gardener calls Russian garlic, with 4 cloves per bulb.
October 31: I planted 12 cloves, near the tarragon. Four Russian and 8 ordinary.
May 7: Up about 10 cm.
September 10: Harvested. Not a very good crop, and it should have been dug up earlier.
October 26: I planted 12 cloves.
May 16: Well up.
June 17: Large and healthy.
July 2: I removed the flower tops.
May 2:There are 3 garlic shoots, about 3 cm tall.
July 4: Coming along.
August 3: Doing fine. I deadheaded about 2 weeks ago.
16: The leaves are mostly yellow.
~20: Harvested.
October 21: I planted the row again.
April 26: A few shoots have come through.
May 24: Doing fine.
September: A good harvest.
October 8: I dug a bucket of compost in along their row and planted 13 cloves.
April 24: Shoots are about 4 cm high in most of the spots in which they were planted.
June 24: I removed the flower tops.
April 24: 10 plants are about 15 cm tall now.
July 28: I dug up the bulbs. They are the largest I have ever seen! The 4 largest average 75 g each.
April 22:  About 9 garlic plants are up.
July 2:  I removed the seed heads.
~September 4:  Harvested.
October 18:  Planted for next year. I found some cloves that I had missed. They had small root systems and one fat stem going up about 4 cm.
April 25:  5 shoots are in sight now.
June 23:  11 plants are flourishing.
October 18:  I got a good crop. Ben dug in compost 2 days ago, and I planted 10 cloves today.
May 2:  The new shoots are about 10 cm high.
July 5:  They have been doing very well.   About 10 days ago I clipped off the forming seed heads.
August 16:  I harvested 14 fine large bulbs.   I guess I missed one!
~October 16:  I planted about 18 bulbs.   Ben previously dug the area and incorporated compost.
May 3: Nothing yet.
May 5: About 5 cm high.
~August 20:  I harvested and got fair-sized bulbs.
September 7:  The bulbs are producing a wonderful aroma in the basement storage cupboard.
October 19:  I planted 15 bulbs.   I had previously dug along the sweet pea trellis and incorporated 2 buckets of compost.
May 1: Up, and doing well.
June 18: Doing very well.
June 24: I cut off the bulbels, which were just developing.
August 22: I harvested the bulbs.
November 4: I planted 10 bulbs for next year, along the west edge. I did not dig very well, or provide any compost.
April 23: Shoots are visible near the trellis.
May 20: Mulched with grass clippings.
July 14: Five plants are doing well, with bulbels forming on their tops. The other plants have disappeared, or almost done so.
August 8: I harvested, and got 5 good bulbs, and 3 small ones, plus 5 bulbs from the tops of the large plants.
12: I read in an agricultural website today that bulb size can be increased 70% by removing the bulbel-forming stalk (on top) before the bulbels develop. I should try this next year.
October 4: I planted 16 bulbs behind the trellis, with a bucket and a half of compost.
~April 17: Shoots appeared in the patch near the black tulips.
May 4: There is a nice row of small stems behind the sweet pea trellis. I dug 2 up thinking they were quack grass before realizing what they were.
27: I tossed a little superphosphate on them all. The plants near the black tulips are really large, whereas the one near the sweet peas are still just the size of quack grass. What did I do differently?
June 30: The 5 plants near the tulips are flourishing. The ones near the sweet peas are doing poorly or have disappeared. I have mulched the ones near the sweet peas, but they were doing poorly even before that.
August 3: Still green, mostly.
10: Brown. I harvested the 3 large plants. The bulbs are a good size. I should look for the other 2 large ones.
11: I could not find the 2 others.
31: I will leave the bulbs that are near the sweet peas.
April 15: 5 plants in the garden, about 5" high.
May 2: In leaf.
June 1: Still flourishing.
June 1: 1 volunteer flourishing, and about 4 new plants growing.
August 7: I harvested the volunteer. The others were too shaded, and did very little.
May 4: 1 volunteer is flourishing.
August 15: Top bulbs harvested.
May 9: Growing.
August: A harvest of small bulbs. Perhaps July heat wave, or unenriched soil.
May 9: 11 garlic plants doing well.
August 17: 7 bulbs harvested, and 2 top bulbs. Those 2 plants are still growing.
August: A harvest of small bulbs. Perhaps July heat wave, or unenriched soil.
November: Planted 12 bulbs.