Dill P H N
Apiaceae:  Anethum graveolens
Small dill plants, 2011
Small plants, 2011
Dill, 2000
Dill, 2000
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July 31: Many plants along the fence, and a few elsewhere.
June 23: A few small sprouts.
September 23: Fair this year.
May 8: A few small sprouts.
September 15: A few plants here and there.
May 23: Hundreds of small plants.
September 27:Finished, as expected.
June 17: Plants here and there.
May 24: No growth yet, as usual.
July 4: Many many plants in its spot.
June 16: Many small plants in many places, and one butterfly today.
May 26: There are many sprouts in many places, and have been for a couple of weeks. It's really early this year!
June 24: Several swallowtail butterfly caterpillars.
May 21: Many small sprouts.
August 1: Doing fine all over.

May 28:  Many seedlings appeared today.
July 27:  Some tall plants here and there, and doing fine in their bed.
June 23:  Many volunteers outside of their bed, but none in their bed.   Ben mulched their bed during the best germination days, so I guess that prevented their sprouting.
August 24:  There are many tall plants near their intended area, late sprouters.
May 29:  Sprouts in their bed and elsewhere.
July 5:  Developing fine many places.
August 26:  I cleared out many of the plants that have matured and scattered their seeds.
October 19:  Their bed is full of volunteers, that have sprouted about 7 months early!
May 28: No sign of any yet.
June 13:  After days of rain, there are new sprouts in the garden.
July 24:  There are plants all over.   I found one swallowtail butterfly caterpillar yesterday.
September 7:  The plants are doing well.   I kept 2 caterpillars indoors, and they have pupated.   I expected them to have hatched about 3 days ago.   Now I wonder if they are going to wait all winter.   The butterfly is so large that I expected the caterpillars to get quite large too, but they pupated when only a moderate size.
May 19: There are many volunteers where it grew last year, and hasn't been dug. I scattered more seed near that area, and raked it in. Curiously, the seeds smell of dill and the first true leaves smell of dill, but the cotyledons don't!
June 18: Most of the volunteers have disappeared, as have most small plants this year. Slugs?
June 29: I found 2 swallowtail caterpillars on the plants today, one medium sized and one approaching large. I am not sure if there is enough there for them to eat.
July 4: Both caterpillars are gone, one a day after the other. Maybe they were large enough to pupate.
August 6: Plants are flowering here and there, some in their bed, some elsewhere.
June 6: I saw 1 volunteer today.
~June 7: I scattered seed.
July 14: There are about 6 plants now.
August 7: There are more than 6 plants now. Most are nicely in flower.
22: I found 2 swallowtail butterfly caterpillars on the plants today. I will watch them.
25: I can find only 1 today. I moved it to a patch of younger plants, as it had eaten all soft parts of the plant it was on.
27: I found 2 today, one larger than the other. I guess the one I helped yesterday is bigger as it just kept eating, whereas the other had to spend a day looking for food.
30: I could not find any today. A flock of grackles came through this morning; maybe they ate the caterpillars.
May 8: I could not find any volunteers at Parkview to move to my garden.
June 4: I found volunteers at Parkview, and put 5 into a 9-pak. I had to leave them at Parkview, though.
~6: I retrieved them, and planted them.
June 30: All 5 plants flourishing.
August 3: Flowering nicely.
31: Finished.