Ribbon Grass or Gardener’s Garters or Reed Canary Grass P H N
Poaceae:  Phalaris arundinacea, var. picta

Ribbon Grass
Ribbon Grass
June 2: Growing well around the front pond and in its previous spot near the deck.

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May 18: The grass is up and looks to be growing well around the front pond.
August 21:Doing very well around the pond and near the back deck.
December 31: I move a few small clumps to the ring around the front pond.
May 28: Tall but sparse at the se corner of the house.
December 31: It is not growing on the west side of the house where there was a large ant hill for a few years but there is a nice patch at the se corner of the house.
June 20: Doing fine in most spots. However it is not growing where there was a large ant hill for a few years, and quack grass has overtaken it near there.
September 23: Fair growth this year. There is a large ant colony in the centre of its bed that has produced a bare area there.
March 27: Well up.
September 19: Did well enough. Having a drip irrigation line underneath did not seem to make much difference.
April 17: Shoots are up, and have been for a couple of weeks right against the house.
June 17: Flourishing.
April 16: New growth has sprouted right against the house.
July 4: Doing fine.
April 11: A few shoots have appeared right next to the house.
May 24: Doing fine.
June 16: It looks splendid right now.
April 26: Coming along fine.
August 1: Doing well.
May 10:  Doing well.
June 19:  The weather has been cloudy and rainy and the plants are large and in flower.
October 2:  It has done well.
April 7:  New shoots are up on the west side.
May 7:  I took a small clump to the garage sale.
June 23:  Doing well in both spots.
29:  I sprayed the east bed with glyphosate.
  I intend to replace it.
July 31:  Doing well in the west bed.
April 20:  New shoots have been up for a few days now.
May 24:  Internet research suggest that this is a water-loving plant.   I thought it did well in dry places!   If I give it lots of water, it may grow very tall!
July 5:  Growing well.
September 1:  Still doing fine.
~October 6:  Ben cleared the beds thoroughly and spread some manure.
April 22: A few shoots are growing next to the house.
May 28: Flourishing.
July 24:  Ditto.
September 28:  I moved a clump from the east side of the house to the west side.
May 1: Up and doing well.
July 1: It looks lovely. There is one flower stalk.
April 23: New shoots have been visible for some time right against the house.
August 8: Flourishing, with one seed stalk.
April 14: New growth is quite visible today.
May 24: Doing well. It has spread a little too far.
27: I used glyphosate to reduce its spread.
June 30, August 3 and 31, and September 30: Flourishing.
May 2: In leaf.
May 4: Visible today.
May 10: Visible today.
May 12: Visible today.