Scilla, or Siberian Squill P H N
Liliaceae:  Scilla siberica
Scillas, 2008
Scilla, 2008
May 6: In flower but the lawn hasn't been raked and they aren't very noticeable.
11: About 150 plants, looking marvellous together on the front lawn.
24: Still a few flowers, including some on the front boulevard where Ben put them years ago.

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June 13: They flowered among the grass but the ground was very dry and they weren't very noticeable.
April 13: No sign of them yet.
May 3: Abundant in one patch and in bloom.
10: About 220 flowers. I gave them all some 10-52-0 fertilizer solution.
18: The ones Ben put into the boulevard are flowering now. The lawn is noticeably greener where I applied the fertilizer.
28: The grass is long in their patch but their leaves are still green. The leaves seem particularly large this year.
June 20: The lawn got mowed just as they were starting to flower, and again soon after, so there was not much to see this year.
May 7: There are more than 20 flowering plants on the front lawn.
June 24: There were more flowers later, about as many as other years.
April 14: Some plants are up, and some have budded. I mowed today and may have chopped a bit off a few of them.
30: There are more than 60 plants, many of them in flower. I gave them each a dose of 10-52-10, as well as the lawn fertilizer that they got too.
April 19: I see some plants are up.
May 7: Still flowering, about 30 on the lawn and 6 on the boulevard. I gave them each a drink of 10-52-10 fertilizer.
8: I marked the larger plants with small bamboo stakes so that I can find them later to divide them.
June 1: The plants are still large and green.
6: The leaves are yellowing a bit.
12: The leaves are yellow.
September 10: I dug by the stakes earlier in the summer, and today I planted the 38 bulbs I found.
April 18: Some are up today, but yesterday there was no sign of them. I mowed the lawn, and I don't think any of them got mowed.
24: 25 plants in flower on the lawn.
29: 35 plants in flower today.
May 16: Almost completely finished flowering.
May 12: There are about 25 plants on the lawn, almost all in flower. I gave them some 10-52-10 fertilizer.
24: All 33 plants from last year are there and still flowering.
July 4: I collected seeds from them, and dug up 4 boulevard plants to replant their small bulbs in autumn. The plants have disappeared now.
September 16: I planted the bulbs I collected in the front lawn, and sprinkled most of the seeds there too.
April 15: I mowed the lawn short in their area, as I did not see any sign of them yet.
25: The lawn is now dotted with small plants with tiny buds.
May 6: I counted 33 plants, most in flower. The scilla leaves are taller than the grass.
20: I count 8 plants more on the boulevard.
May 1: The lawn is dotted with small plants and about 5 of them are flowering now. I'm quite pleased.
16: I mowed the lawn long in their area. About half of each leaf is left.
September 16: I bought 60 bulbs at Walmart, for $9.
September: Ben put them in the lawn near the front flower bed.