Spearmint P H N
Lamiaceae (syn. Labiatae):  Mentha spicata
April 19: Not up yet.
June 24: Filled its bed and spreading.

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June 18: Many plants in half their bed. The spring was very wet and the bed was flooded for quite a while, but they seem to have done well in the water.
August 21: Doing very well. Many flowers. I harvested some last week.
May 20: Two shoots are up.
December 31: Growing again but a little sparse in its bed.
December 31: By the end of the summer there were small plants in 3 spots.
May 13: No sign of it yet.
June 18: One solitary sprout.
July 31: That sprout is now medium size.
May 22: No sign of growth yet.
25: One sprout.
September 23: Only a few shoots grew. I don't know what happened to it, or to the hosta near it, which died without sprouting. I suspect that some Round Up got it.
December 31: Did normally.
June 17: Doing fine.
July 4: Coming along fine.
August 3: Doing fine.
April 15: A couple of small red shoots are poking up.
May 24: Doing fine.
~September 15: I harvested many leaves and made mint sauce, and dried some.
The information is missing.
May 16:  Many shoots are up now.
August 20:  Starting to flower now.
April 11:  New growth is visible today.
May 29:  Doing fine.
July 5:  Tall and growing well.
28:  Flowering.   Most of the stalks flopped over about 2 weeks ago.
~October 6:  Ben cleared the bed thoroughly and spread some manure on top.

May 28:  Small shoots are growing in most of the bed.
September 8: It did well this year.

May 2: Some shoots are just poking through.
June 18: Doing fine in part of its area.

May 2: A few sprouts are visible today.
August 8: Doing well at one end of its bed, although the lily of the valley is crowding in. The leaves are a good colour, with no holes.
September: I harvested the plants and dried the leaves.

May 1: Shoots are up today, finally!
18: Plants are sparse in their bed. I dug a large piece of trash out last fall, a car bumper I think it was, and the digging disturbed the bed a lot.
June 27: I levelled the bed, and also gave a bit of plant to Jennifer. The plants are not as sparse as they were.
August 3: Doing poorly, The leaves seem to be dying. They are light coloured with many brown spots. They have not spread back into the south half of their bed at all.
August 31 and September 30: The same.

May 2: In leaf.

May 10: Visible.

May 10: Visible today.