Golden Glow P H N
Asteraceae:  Rudbeckia laciniata
Goldenglow, 2008
Goldenglow, 2008
May 12: Lush in their pot. Not much quackgrass.

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June 12: Up but too much quackgrass around it. Ben pulled up some of the grass.
August 20: The same. Not as many stems as some years, nor as tall, but flowering.
June 7: Up but too much quackgrass around it.
April 1: No growth yet, except quackgrass.
May 4: Up.
December 31: Not totally dead. A few stalks grew up, starting late in spring.
December 31: Oops. Spraying against quackgrass seems to have killed this.
June 17: Only a few tall shoots in the plant area.
June 20: I had a bottomless plastic pot dug into place around it to stop it from spreading. This resulted in a very considerable amount of root disturbance as the pot is much smaller that the area it had spread over.
23: Most of it has died. I am confident it will recover eventually.
March 25: New shoots.
September 15: Did fine. Rather invasive, and lost its looks about August 25, and needed staking. Should have just cut it down then.
April 19: I see some new growth.
June 1: Large and lush. It has spread and will need to be cut back and constrained.
June 17: Large and flourishing.
April 23: Shoots are up.
July 4: About 1 m high and coming along fine.
August 3: About 1.8 m high and with its first flowers.
18: About 70 flowers, all nicely double.
Goldenglow, 2008
Goldenglow, 2008
April 17: New growth.
May 24: I notice Bishop's Gout growing with the goldenglow.
June 24: Doing fine. Quite tall.
August: I got a few plants from the garden of a nearby house and planted them near the sweet pea trellis. I have been admiring them all summer, especially for their height.