Bishops Goutweed or Ground-Elder P H N
Apiaceae:  Aegopodium podagraria
Bishops Goutweed, 2013
Bishops Goutweed, 2013
May 18: It was about the first plant to appear in its bed. Now I can see that it has spread too much into the lily of the valley and probably back into the mint.

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July 5: Flourishing.
July 5: Flourishing, and flowering now.
August 28: Dying leaves and finishing for the year.
December 31: Still flourishing.
June 19: Flourishing.
May 22: Their bed is full of new shoots, about 25 cm tall.
September 23: Did fine.
March 25: New shoots, about 10 cm tall right near the house.
April 16: Up right against the house.
September 27: They did well.
Bishops Goutweed, 2010
Bishops Goutweed, 2010
December 31: I got this originally with the golden glow in 2007. It was growing in with those plants, and I have been fighting it back ever since. However, I have put some on the east side of the house between the mint and the lily of the valley, and I think I can control its spread as I do those other plants by using Round Up where the beds meet.