Snapdragons P H N
Scrophulariaceae:  Antirrhinum majus
Chimes Snapdragons, 2008
Chimes Snapdragons, 2008
Madame Butterfly Snapdragons, 2003
Madame Butterfly Snapdragons, 2003
March 23: I placed 25 seeds of Madame Butterfly over 12 cells.
29: 13 sprouts.
April 4: 13 sprouts.
24: For 2 of the sprouts their seed leaves remained trapped within the seed coats. There was just a tiny seed at the top of a stalk. I tried to break the seed coat but only succeeded in breaking it off, leaving only a stem. Now, to my suprise, tiny new stalks and leaves have developed at the base of the main stalk!

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April 12: I scattered seeds of Madame Butterfly over 9 cells.
April 25: Small seedlings, 2 or 3 per cell.
April 12: Many sprouts. Moved under the lights.
June 20: About 10 plants are thriving in the garden.
July 31: Several plants are flowering.
March 28: I started 9 cells of Madame Butterfly using seeds from 2008.
March 28: I started 9 cells of Madame Butterfly using seeds from 2008.
December 31: They did well enough.
April 1: I started some cells using seed from my 2008 garden.
25: Thinned (again) to 1 or 2 plants per cell.
May 16: I set out 12 plants.
June 1: Strong winds or cutworms broke off two.
April 1: The seeds have sprouted.
May 16: I set out some seedlings.
June 17: The ones that were larger when I set them out are doing very well, but most of the smaller ones have died. Lesson: start them earlier.
July 2: Survivors are doing very well.
March 30: I cleaned the seeds that I collected last year. The Chimes seeds had all fallen out of their capsules, but the Mme Butterfly seeds were still sealed in their capsules, and did not fall out on their own. I put the seeds in the freezer.
March 31: I removed the seeds from the freezer.
April 1: I started 18 cells of Chimes, using the few remaining seeds from the package and many seeds that I collected last year, and 9 cells of Madame Butterfly, using many seeds from last year.
9: The Mme Butterfly sprouts are doing fine, but the Chimes are doing poorly.
23: Thinned. A few Chimes cells were empty.
May 22: There were 2 Madame Butterfly plants per cell. I set out 14 of them. I also put 16 Chimes into the planter boxes.
July 4: Coming along fine. The Chimes are flowering very prettily.
August 3: All flowering beautifully.
18: Very beautiful.
February 6: I ordered seeds of Mme Butterfly and Chimes Mixed from Stokes. The Mme Butterfly are for me and the club, and the shorter Chimes are for the club.
March 23: I started 27 cells of Chimes using 54 seeds and 27 cells of Mme Butterfly using 36 seeds. The seeds have all been in the refrigerator freezer for 9 days.
30: Sprouts.
31: Sprouts of Chimes, but few of Mme Butterfly.
April 4: I started a tub of Mme Butterfly with my last 12 seeds.
7: I transplanted to even the cells out.
9: 1 new Mme Butterfly sprout.
24: Doing well, but after a recent very heavy watering, they are showing signs of iron chlorosis. I got only 3 more sprouts from the second seeding.
26: I watered the seedlings with iron chelates and No-Damp.
May 10: I planted 10 Madame Butterfly seedlings in the tubs at Gio's downtown. That leaves 9 for me.
11: I planted 4 of them.
12: I planted my Chimes at Gio's. I have lots left over.
13: I planted my last 5 Madame Butterflys.
21: I planted my extra Chimes in the deck ledge boxes. The first one flowered today, with 2 florets.
October 8: Although the plants look rather ragged, the Madame Butterflys are still flowering and a few of the Chimes plants have flowers too.
June 24: There are a few small volunteers here and there.
January 3: Seeds of Madame Butterfly arrived today from Stokes.
March 25: I put 54 seeds in the freezer. That leaves about 24 in the package.
27: I planted 49 seeds into 18 cells and watered with No-Damp. I don't know where the other 6 seeds went!
April 3: Some sprouts.
~12: I started another 12 cells, with seeds in fine vermiculite on top of soil. I put them on the heating mat which will keep them about 73°F.
16: One sprout.
19: 4 sprouts. The earlier one can't be seen.
20: 6 sprouts, all in the same 6 pak.
26: I started another 9 cells using many seeds from 2003.
29: White roots have emerged from the seeds.
May 22:  I set out my 2 early seedlings and one later one.
24:  I set out my later seedlings.
July 3: First flower, a red one.
August 1: Doing well.
March 31:  I started 18 cells, 9 of 2003 seed and 9 of rocket seed from 2002. They are labelled opposite to correct.
April 5:  Many small sprouts.
May 15:  I set out 8 plants from 2002 seed.
28: I set out 6 more, presumably rockets.
July 2:  2 plants are in flower.
October 2:  Still flowering, all tall rockets, but all yellow!
March 29:  I seeded 18 cells with seeds from last year, Madame Butterfly and Rocket and crosses.
May 18:  I set out 11 plants into their bed.
June 23:  Some buds are almost open on one plant.
August 24:  There are some beautiful flowers.
Rocket Snapdragons, 2003
Rocket Snapdragons, 2003
March 8:  I sprinkled seeds into 27 cells.   I put rocket seeds from last summer into 9 cells, rocket seeds from the package into 4 cells, and Madama Butterfly seeds into 14 cells.
13:  Many sprouts.
20:  Thinned.
April 5:  Some iron chelates in addition to its regular fertilizer, because in the garden it sometimes seems to need iron.
30:  I put 18 in Styrofoam cups because they seem too large for cells now.   I will begin hardening them off.
May 8:  I set out 12 plants.
22:  I set out about 6 more along the fence.
30:  Two plants have begun to flower.
July 5:  Growing well.   The first flower stalk on most plants is finished now and later ones are developing.
August 27:  Almost no flowers remain.   I collected seeds today.
February 27: I ordered a package of snapdragons, Rocket Blend, 428, $1.85, from Stokes.
March 27: I got them yesterday from Joan, and put them into the freezer today.
29: I started them, 24 seeds in a 9-pak. I guess I should have frozen only 24 seeds!
May 1: I started more, about 14 seeds in 7 cells.
21: I set out my 6 plants.
24: A hard frost last night seems to have killed most of them..
June 8: I bought 6 Rocket mixed from Schriemer's, and set them out.
August 2:  Some flowers remain, but I think the main display occurred while I was away.
August 1: First flower, from a volunteer, but there is only 1 floret on the stalk!
August 19: A subsequent stalk had more florets, and was attractively coloured.
March 18: I planted my seeds today, nine cells with several seeds per cell. I dusted vermiculite over the seeds, then watered it down.
22: A few tiny sprouts are visible.
24: Many sprouts. Moved under the lights.
April 21: Coming along, 1 plant per cell. Some of them were yellowish so I gave the soil a dusting of iron chelates.
May 21: I set out 8 plants.
July 9: First flower.
August 8: Many of the plants did not grow well. There have been a few nice flower stalks.
October 4: Fairly heavy frost last night. There are still a few flowers.
March 18: I planted my seeds today, nine cells with several seeds per cell. I dusted vermiculite over the seeds, then pressed it down.
22: One garden plant appears to have survived the winter, and to be sending out new growth!
23: There are seedlings in 8 of the 9 cells.
31: I thinned them to two per cell.
April 25: I thinned them to 1 per cell.
May 1: They have fallen over and are fairly limp. Maybe they dried out too much a few days ago.
11: I set out the 3 remaining plants.
24: Two plants are growing.
June 28: Flourishing, with first flower.
August 3: One has been completely deadheaded by now. The other is still flowering nicely. There are 2 volunteers just starting to flower.
31 and September 30: A flower or two remain.
November 21: The plants are still alive, but there are no flowers.
March 17: Started 2 6-paks, with many seeds per cell.
21: Seeds sprouting visibly.
April 8: Thinned to 1 per cell.
June 1: 9 plants in garden, 2 at 503.
March 17: Started 2 6-paks, thickly planted.
27: Thinned.
May 24: 9 plants planted out.
July 4: First flower.
December 18: They were a fine show, until quite late.
March 12: Sprouts are about a week old, and doing well.
May 4: Doing very well. Also treated with no-damp.
  7: 9 seedlings planted out.
  8: Most froze.
  30: Replaced.
July 7: One in flower.
September 1: Flowering magnificently.
~April 4: Started some seeds.
May 23: About 11 seedlings doing well, showing their 2nd pair of true leaves. They should have been started sooner.
26: Planted 10.
June 17: 6 alive and not too tiny now.
July 25: In flower for about a week now.
April 11: Started seeds, 28 cells with many seeds per cell of the Madama Butterfly variety.
~April 16: Many sprouts.
~May 7: Thinned out.
June 21: 14 fine plants.
July 4: Starting to flower.
August 17: Flowering well.
August 5: Starting to flower.
August 18: In flower.
September 4: Finishing up.