Bells of Ireland, or Molucca Balm P H N
Lamiaceae:  Molucca laevis
Bells of Ireland, 2011
Bells of Ireland, 2011
June 24: A few volunteers here and there. It took a while for me to figure out what they were.

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Bells of Ireland, 2011
Bells of Ireland, 2011
December 31: No volunteers.
December 31: Some late volunteers.
June 23: There are volunteers where they grew last year.
September 16: They put on a good show and are still doing so.
September 15: Many volunteers where they grew last year and produced many flower stalks, and near there.
April 2: I put some seeds in the refrigerator.
19: I sowed 8 peat pots with 3 seeds per pot and put them on top of the fluorescent lamps above the grow table.
28: 3 sprouts so far.
May 28: I set out 8 seedlings, from 5 peat pots.
September 27:They did well. Now their bed is full of flowers that are turning yellow. The plants are much larger than I anticipated.
April 25: I started 9 cells today, 2 seeds per cell.
May 7: No sprouts yet.
June 17: One sprout eventually but it dried up before amounting to enough to plant.
May 3: I started 11 seeds in a pot, set outside to experience varying temperatures.
24: I had one shoot but the pot got knocked over and now I have none.
Bells of Ireland, 2008
Bells of Ireland Seedling, 2008
February 6: I ordered seeds from Stokes.
April 2: I put the package of seeds into the refrigerator.
May 24: I seeded.
June 23: I hoed half their row, but there were about 7 plants in the other half, so I evened them out.
August 13: They are flowering, but are quite invisible in their greenness.
December 31: I brought some in and they made a nice bouquet for a while. I tried to dry them using the glycerine method, but they turned brown and the stems went mouldy, so I discarded them.