Lettuce P H N
Asteraceae:  Lactuca sativa
May 3: I cut the base of an iceberg lettuce from the grocery store and have put it in water to sprout.


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Other Years

May 19: I sowed a row.
June 18: No sprouts.
May 22: I planted a short row of seeds in a trench.
July 14: No sprouts.
May 27: I planted a short row of seeds in a trench filled with a fine mix of soil and starter mix.
August 7: Growing tall.
December 18: I never harvested any. I just never wanted any lettuce.
April 21: Some lettuce seems to be still alive.
May 4: None there now.
6: Planted seeds.
28: Many small plants.
~June 1: Thinned.
September 4: Grew well all summer.
May 11: Planted some mixed lettuce from T&T in the garden.
23: Definitely sprouted.
June 15: Only 1 plant still alive.
July 27: Reseeded.
October: It did very well, until frost.