Celery P H N
Apiaceae (syn. Umbelliferae):  Apium graveolens
Celery, 2005
Celery, 2005
March 30: I want to try rooting a grocery store base again this year.
May 3: I have put a grocery store base in a saucer of water.
28: It has one tiny rootlet.

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December 31: I rooted another base in the house and put it out. It survived until some dry weather arrived, then it disappeared. I think a plant like this needs a more developed root system than I have been seeing.
June 28: I have had the base of a celery stalk sitting in water for a few days now to develop roots. It has developed a few pale green leaves from its centre but no roots yet. I intend to put in in the garden. I never realized until this year that that these stalks could be rooted.
July 31: The plant I put in the garden is surviving. It looks healthy but it hasn't grown yet. I have another one rooting in the house.
July 30: I bought 6 plants of Early Red for 39 cents yesterday at Canadian Tire and set them out in the black tulip bed.
September 4: Healthy but still small.
October 4:  Ditto.