Bleeding Heart P H N
Fumariaceae:  Dicentra spectabilis
Bleeding Heart, 2009
Bleeding Heart, 2009
December 31: I'm not sure if the was any growth or not.

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June 19: Doing fine. In flower.
December 31: Some growth. Not flourishing.
May 22: Up nicely and one plant is flowering.
June 23: Flowering is slowing down.
April 26: Five plants well up, in the past 2 or 3 days.
September 15: Two plants died back early. The other 3 still have green leaves.
June 1: They have been flowering beautifully.
September 27: They flowered well but the plants died back early, some quite early.
April 24: Most plants are about 15 cm high now.
May 16: Flowering.
July 2: Still some flowers.
June 1: I bought 5 roots from T&T and planted them. Each consisted of about 15 cm of woody root with, usually, 2 young shoots starting from the top. I planted them 60 cm apart.
July 4: All the roots have sprouted and some have actually flowered!
August 3: Doing fine.