Allium P H N
Liliaceae:  Allium giganteum and Allium christophii x A. macleanii
Globemaster Allium, 2008
Globemaster Flower Heads, 2008
Globemaster Allium, 2008
Globemaster, 2008
March 23: No information yet.

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December 31: Still there, I think.
June 18: Only a small plant.
June 23: It has a nice flower.
April 15: Some new growth in front.
September 15: There were 2 flowers.
May 2: There are 2 plants in front, and one has 2 flower stalks.
May 8: There are a few leaves in the back garden that I believe are from the allium.
June 17: Two nice flowers in the front.
May 24: Two plants are well along in the front bed, and one is showing in the main garden.
July 4: One plant in the front bed produced 2 blossoms, which are starting to fade. The other plant there is budding.
August 18: There has been no sign of the plants in the back garden.
June 16: Opening in the front bed.
April 24: Good size shoots are up in two places.
June 16: Some have finished flowering. In front there are 2 good flowers now.
June 24: Still in flower in the front!
Globemaster Allium, 2006
Globemaster in Bud, 2006
April 3: Something in the north perennial bed is about 6 cm tall now and light green, and I think it's an allium. It grew under the snow.
5: A shoot of Globemaster appeared among the Asiatic lilies.
14: It suffered some tip damage from the cold but has recovered and grown. Two plants in the front bed are up now.
May 22: The buds on the Globemasters are growing and buds have just appeared on the others.
24: The bud on the Globemaster in the main garden has started to open.
July 3: The flower and stem on one plant are 146 cm tall! The blossom on the Globemaster, now finished but still interesting, has a diameter of 19 cm.
August 1: The flowers are finished but I have left the dry blossoms on their stems in the garden for interest's sake.
September 20:  I bought 5 bulbs from Schriemer's. Three were $13.99 altogether and should produce flowers the size of softballs. Two were Globemasters (Allium christophii x A. macleanii) at $9.99 each and should produce flowers the size of volleyballs!
~23:  I planted them.