Silene P H N
Caryophyllaceae:  Silene armeria
Silene, 2009
Royal Elektra Silene, 2009
June 20: Many volunteers, thinned and transplanted about a week ago now still doing well.
27: Some coloured flower buds are almost open.
July 31: I deadheaded yesterday. Almost all the plants had seed pods that were almost mature, and no more flower buds.

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Other Years

June 30: One volunteer.
September 13: Two volunteers flowered nicely, and I collected seeds today.
May 22: There are volunteers in many places. I think they’re silene.
March 14: I planted 9 cells using seed from the package and from last year.
18: Many many sprouts.
29: Thinned down to 2 sprouts per cell. I have been thinning them progressively.
June 17: I set them out a couple of weeks ago, and they have done little since.
July 2: Some have a few flowers.
August 6: I never dead-headed, and they have largely gone to seed. I don’t think they would make an especially showy display anyway.
January 24: I ordered a packet from Stokes Seeds, Royal Elektra variety.
March 27: I sprinkled about 50 seeds on top of soil in 2 containers. I scuffed them in and left them in the basement to germinate where it's cool.
31: Many seeds have sprouted in one container. (The other container was not watered until much later on planting day.)
May 24: I set them out. I had never separated them and some came with small roots systems and little soil.
31: Despite their small root systems they seem to be doing fine!
July 4: They have been flowering for about 2 weeks now, and are still growing and coming along fine.
August 3: Doing fine although they appear to be finishing. I did not dead head and there are many seed heads. Perhaps it is necessary to deadhead.
18: Gone to seed.
24: I collected seeds for next year.