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Cuthbert Grant rose, 2003
Cuthbert Grant rose, 2003

Chrysler Imperial Rose
June 20: No growth.
July 31: I found new growth today. I don't know if it is Chrysler Imperial though, or the rootstock it was grafted onto.

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Chrysler Imperial Rose

May 4: I bought another plant of this variety. I know it doesn't produce many flowers but the few you get are very well-formed and red, and so beautifully scented.
18: I planted it in a big hole with lots of compost.
June 23: Growing well.
28: One flower bud.
July 3: Three flowers.
September 23: It produced a few more flowers over the summer but it got overgrown by a nearby tomato.  
June 3: Appears dead.
May 5: New growth visible.
May 19: Some manure.
June 30: Second flower opening.
August 7: 5 flowers so far.
October 30: Covered with flax straw.
May 4: No green stalks detectable.
May 28: Still no growth.
June 15: New growth!
July 2: A tiny plant with 1 small flower.
May 9: Not in bud yet. I removed the mulch from around it today.
11: 1 stalk is green (i.e., alive) at the base. Scattered iron chelates.
17: Budding.
June 15: A first flower bud is forming, but there are not many leaves.
July 29: I have had about 5 flowers.
October 17: I heaped dry leaves over the plant, and covered the heap with plastic. I got only 2 flowers from it this year.
Cuthbert Grant Rose
Alaska Nasturtiums, 2009
Cuthbert Grant, 2008
September 19: One small shoot came up but unfortunately the lawn mower broke it, and nothing reappeared..
May 11: One shoot has come up from the ground. That's all there is; I guess the rest was destroyed during construction of the wall.
22: I moved the rose because it was too close to the wall. I split the root into 3 then planted the 2 small pieces and discarded the large woody part. I put a lot of compost into the new spot near the old one.
June 13: Both doing fine.
May 22: Mostly dead, apparently. There are a few opening buds on about two stems, but that's all.
June 17: Those 2 stems are growing well.
July 2: First flower.
12: Many flowers on its 2 stems.
July 4: Slow this year. One flower so far.
August 3: A few flowers.
18: Still a few flowers.
May 1: Leafing out.
December 31: Did fine.
June 16: In flower now.
April 26: New growth.
May 13: It is not doing well. The new growth is spindly and twisted and the new leaves are very pale.
August 1: Doing ok. It got its colour back but there were not many flowers and the plant is not very large. July was extremely dry. The plant is getting irrigation water now.
May 16:  I moved the bush to the corner of the garden. I incorporated manure with the soil from the new hole.
June 24:  A few small flowers.
October 2:  Still alive, not much production this year.
June 6:  It's coming along slowly.   I gave it a toss of fertilizer today and a toss of sulphur.
19:  More sulphur and acid fertilizer.
July 2:  2 flowers.
July 5:  Many buds are opening.
Parade Rose
May 16:  I have nurtured a mini-rose that I received as a gift from Harold and Donalda Morton inside all winter.   It has just barely survived.   It has no leaves right now, but one stem is green and I think it has enough vitality to put out a few new leaves, so I put it outside in the garden where I expect conditions are more to its liking than on my windowledge in my dry house.
July 3:  It has 3 small leaves.
October 18:  Whoops, I forgot about it. I expect it was cleared away with the other plants.
April 25:   New shoots today.
June 3:   I sprinkled a little sulphur around it.   No flowers yet, but I noticed one bud.
June 11:   First flower.
July 1:   They have been flowering nicely.   Today I gave them some acidic fertilizer.
August 14:  After a period of no flowers, there are a few again.
~October 6:  Ben cut the plants back.
May 5: Budding.
September 8:  I saw one good display this summer, but was away too much to really assess it.   There was still the odd flower in August, but there are none now.
Cuthbert Grant, 2001, photo by Rosanna Parry 2001
May 1: It is budding.
June 13: First flower.
July 1: It has been a mass of blossoms for a week now.
August 4: After being bare for a few weeks, a new flower has appeared.
May 7: Short shoots are out today.
16: I moved the plant, a short distance. I added manure and peat moss to the soil around the plant.
19: Mulched with grass clippings.
June 1: I picked forest tent caterpillars off the bush. They had eaten about half the leaves.
27: The first flower is opening.
July 5: The bush is small, but there are many flowers!
August 8: Few flowers since that initial flush. The bush had scarcely grown, but looks healthy.
Cuthbert Grant, 1999 1999
April 11: Buds on the Cuthbert Grant rose (Rosa arkansana xx ?) are red and swollen.
May 24: Doing well.
June 11: First flower, and there are more than 50 buds about to open.
18: A magnificent display!
August 3: Flourishing nicely. It has been in flower continuously.
31: The same.
November 21: I cut the stems back.
April 12: Budding.
May 2: In leaf.
June 1: Doing well.
12: Flowers.
May 5: New growth visible.
May 19: Some manure. Cut back. It died rather far back
June 25: Many blossoms.
May 4: Green stalks visible.
May 9: Not in bud yet.
11: Budding. I scattered iron chelates.
June 15: Flower buds.
May 12: Budding.
~20: I put landscape fabric around the base.
June 20: Growing well. Some coloured buds.
28: Many flowers
August 17: Not many flowers this summer.
August 5: Flowering very well.
August 18: 1 blossom.
September 4: A few blossoms.
Parkview Pink Rose

May 16: No sign of anything. The branch I planted fell out of the ground last autumn. I moved the Cuthbert Grant rose to its spot.
June 27: Still no sign of anything.
23: I took a stem from the pink rose at Parkview Street. The stem has 3 small shoots near its base, and what appear to be dried up thread-like roots below the shoots.
24: Although I left it in water, it fell out and dried out during the afternoon. I left it soaking overnight. The sale of Parkview closed today, so I guess there won't be any contact with that garden now.
25: I planted it in the garden in soil and plenty of peat moss.
August 1: The bottom of the stem had remained green, but today it looked severely sun-scalded.
31: The same.