Portulaca P H N
Portulacaceae:  Portulaca grandiflora
Portulaca, 2003
April 24: I started about 16 seeds in a single tray. They are the Sundial mixed variety, coated, that I must have bought last year.

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April 1: Started 9 cells using seeds from 2012 and 9 cells using seeds from 2013.
April 4: Many sprouts. Those from the 2013 seeds are a little taller.
June 20: They did all right, and are in the raised bed now. There was also a nice patch of volunteers in their last year’s spot.
July 31: Both patches are flowering nicely.
April 27: I scattered seed from last year on top of 6 cells.
May 7: Two of the cells have many sprouts.
June 23: My seedlings did not survive. I have planted 2 free plants that I received from a school and 6 that I bought from St. Mary’s Nursery.
September 23: Did very well with many large flowers.  
March 21: Some of my newly ordered seeds have sprouted.
September 19: They did well in the raised bed in front of the pond.
February 23: Sowed on top of some soil.
26: A few seeds have sprouted.
28: Some sprouts at one end of their flat, but no leaves have opened.
March 10: Most sprouts died. They looked spindly, so the No-Damp I applied today may help.
27: Only 3 survivors.
31: I started another box, and this morning there are many sprouts. I used different seed. These sprouts look stronger.
April 4: I moved 4 sprouts from the first box into cells. Two of the sprouts are strong, and 2 are weak.
July 4: I have 3 plants out. One is flowering and all are coming along fine.
August 3: Doing fine.
February 6: I ordered seeds of Calypso Mixed from Stokes.
March 4: I started 18 cells, with a few seeds in each cell.
7: Sprouts.
31: Not doing very well, but I think I will be able to transplant the sprouts in a while to get enough plants.
April 21: I evened out the plants and have 18 seedlings now. I’m disappointed as I was hoping for more (27).
May 22: I set out my 18 seedlings.
June 16: Growing very well after recent rainy weather.
~April 3: I started a pot of many seeds.
10: Many sprouts.
May 1: 27 cells.
27: Ben split each cell into single plants and set out all the seedlings. They are small and fairly close to each other in their bed.
June 16: They're not doing well.
24: Those that have survived thus far are small but doing well.
February 24: I sowed 27 cells and put them in the dining room.
28: Sprouts. Moved to the basement light table.
May 20: First flower, a Sunset type.
24:  I set them out.
August 1: Even the portulaca is suffering due to the extreme dryness! They don't die, but they don't grow. The ones getting irrigation water have started to grow and flower.
March 5:  I started 3 9-paks using seed from the city beds collected in 2003.
10:  Many sprouts.
19:  Thinned and transplanted to fill empty cells.
May 28:  I set out 18 plants.
June 2:  I set out 12 extras along the west side of the house, where the soil is poor.
19:  The weather has been cloudy and rainy so the plants are stunted, small but beginning to flower, especially along the house.
July 27:  They are flowering prolifically against the house. I think this is a better bed for them than in the garden.
Feb 14:  I sowed seeds from the city's beds into 6 cells.
15:  I added 18 more cells.
18:  Sprouts from the 18 cells kept in the dining room, none from the 6 in the piano room.   I guess that reflects the relative temperatures of the 2 rooms.
20:  A few sprouts in the first cells.   I think they probably should be kept warm for sprouting.
April 9:  3 plants are flowering!   The flowers are orange and nicely double.
May 28: I set out my plants.
July 31:  They have been flowering prolifically, in sunset colours.
February 7:  I planted a 9-pak today using seed from 1999 and 2000.
9:  I planted 2 more 9-paks.
12:  Many sprouts.
24:  Thinned.
March 22:  The plants in 11 cells died; they rotted at the base.   I guess I overwatered them.   I replaced them with extras from the other cells.
April 30:  First flower, a single yellow one.
May 22:  I set out my plants.   In some cases there were 2 plants per cell, so I separated them and used them both.   It does not seem to have affected their development.
July 5:  Growing well.   There are many flowers, mostly yellow or white, and the plants have almost filled their bed.
September 1:  There have been few flowers for some weeks now.
~September 26:  I collected seeds from the city's flower beds, which have a variety that flowered more profusely and with more doubles.
March 2: I planted a 9-pak today using seed from 1998 and 1999.
7: Sprouts in 4 cells.
10: Sprouts in 7 cells, and taken downstairs to the lights.
12: Divided, giving 27 cells, some plants very small.
May 28: I set out most of my plants.
June 22: First flower.
July 24:  They have grown nicely, but were overtowered by small weeds.
September 8:  Good growth, but I have not noticed many flowers.
~August 16: First flower from a volunteer.
19: Sprouts could be seen this morning on the soil surface, roots only, no leaves yet.
20: Many seedlings in most cells, none in some cells.
22: I resowed the empty cells, and pressed them into the surface, a thing I omitted doing before.
May 9: First flowers open today.
May 21: I set out 18 plants.
July 9: There are many small volunteers. The plants from indoors are doing fine, with about 2 flowers per plant.
August 8: Flowering nicely.
13: I collected some seeds today.
~September 22: Frost last night killed them.
March 1: I planted my portulaca today, 18 cells, using seed from last year.
3: Balls of root hairs were visible this afternoon on the soil surface.
4: Small leaves are present.
24: I thinned one pack to 2 plants per cell.
April 7: I thinned to 1 per cell.
May 22: I set out 12 plants.
June 9: First flower. Also, I set out the last of the plants in the garden extension.
June 30: Flourishing.
August 3: Flowering nicely.
31: The same.
~September 15: I pulled them out. They had stopped flowering. They did not do as well this summer as other years.
February 15: Started 2 6-paks, with 3 of last year's seeds in each cell.
17: Sprouting. Roots visible.
March 21: Thinned again to 1 per cell.
June 1: Doing fine. One flower so far.
March 16: 5 6-paks started.
April 2: Coming along well.
May 24: 1 6-pak given to garage sale.
May 27: 12 plants set out. They could be bigger.
~June 12: First flower.
August 7: Spectacular in the sunshine.
February 24: Started 6 6-paks.
March 2: Many sprouts growing well.
May 4: Doing fine. I applied no-damp about twice to kill surface mould.
June 1: Set out 12 healthy plants.
12: First flower.
Mid-August: Flowering magnificently.
May 23: Numerous seedlings doing well. They were started quite early, perhaps in March.
26: Planted 12.
31: +12 at Parkview.
June 6: First flower!
21: Second flower.
April 11: Started seeds, 12 cells with many seeds per cell.
~14: Some sprouts showing. More day by day. The surface of the Jiffy 7s seems to support a lot of white fungus.
May 10: All dead. Perhaps from the cold outside or too wet.
August 17: Some volunteers are flowering.
August 5: Doing well.
August 18: In flower.
September 4: A few flowers left, and many spent blossoms.