Phlox P H N
Polemoniaceae:  Phlox paniculata
Becky Towe phlox
Becky Towe Phlox, June 2011
Becky Towe phlox
Becky Towe Phlox, July 2010
June 20: No growth.
June 23: I bought a good-sized plant of the variety Orange Perfection from Rona, $9.99 and set it out.
September 23: It produced a couple of poor flowers and has survived so far.

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September 20: There was a small plant that might have been phlox, but it disappeared during the summer.
April 17: There are a good number of green leaves from the larger plant. I'm not certain if they are new or if they are old and will die.
May 22: Those leaves were new, and both plants are small but doing fine.
May 9: I bought 2 plants at the Conservatory plant sale, one a Spinners and the other a Becky Towe.
11: I set them out.
June 17: No change since they went out. One of them is very small.
July 2: No change.
12: The larger plant is beginning to flower.
June 1:  No sprouts yet. Discarded.
February 28:  I ordered some seeds from Thompson and Morgan:  Phlox paniculata New Hybrids Mixed @ $2.29.
March 18:  They arrived.   The instructions say to sow in good seed compost, just covering the seed with compost, and maintain an optimum termperature of 13--15°C.   Germination can sometimes take more than 1 year!   Wow!   No wonder these are not popular!
27:  I planted 18 seeds in 9 cells and put them at the base of the basement wall.
July 31:  No sprouts yet.
June 13: I bought about 16 plants of Globe mix from Revy, on sale for 98 cents, and set them out.
September 7:  They generally survived and contributed a bit of colour.
None before this year.