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Solonaceae:  Capsicum frutescens var. grossum
Medusa Pepper, June 2013
Medusa Pepper, June 2013
Medusa Pepper, August 2013
Medusa Pepper, August 2013
April 2: I seeded 9 cells using 27 seeds that I collected last year.
9: 1 sprout, or else it's 2 right beside each other.
10: Several sprouts.
11: Many sprouts.
June 20: The seedlings did well and are now all in the garden. They are flowering.
27: Some have a small yellow pepper.

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June 22: I bought a Medusa ornamental pepper from Lacoste Garden Centre for $3.99. It has many small yellow peppers above its foliage, and is described thus: Abundant twisted fruit turns from white to fiery red. I put it in the raised bed.
September 23: Those yellow fruits did turn red and it put on a brilliant show as they changed.
Banana Peppers, 2009
Banana Peppers, 2009
July 15: I bought 2 sweet banana peppers and a green bell pepper from Schriemer’s, 75 cents each, and set them out. The plants all have small fruit on them.
August 3: Coming along fine.
~13: I picked one banana pepper as it was turning orange. It was not as hot as I was hoping. I think I should taste a bit of each pepper before harvesting it.
September 16: I have collected 3 banana peppers now. There is an orange bell pepper on its plant.
July 30: I bought 6 plants of Early Red for 39 cents yesterday at Canadian Tire and set them out in the yellow tulip bed.
Pimiento Pepper, 2000
Pimiento Pepper, 2000
February 22: I planted 9 cells of Super Greygo Hybrid peppers, 1 seed per cell.
March 3: 5 sprouts.
5: 6 sprouts. I planted 4 more seeds.
10: 9 sprouts. It looks like all the original seeds have sprouted.
April 29: There are 4 or 5 flowers on the plants.
May 16: I have been hand-pollinating the flowers, and there are several peppers, one of quite a good size! They went outside today, their second day of hardening off.
May 21: I set out 4 plants. I hope it is not too early for them!
24: Mulched with grass clippings.
July 8: They have hardly grown since being set out, although one of the peppers is starting to turn red. The weather has been very rainy, with no heat and not much sun.
August 8: I have picked 2 red peppers. The bushes grew somewhat in the recent heat, and look healthier, but they are still small for this date.
~September 22: Frost last night killed a few leaves.
October 4: Frost last night killed the plants. I picked 6 frozen peppers before mowing them down.
March 2: I planted 9 cells of Super Greygo Hybrid peppers, 2 seeds per cell.
12: The seedlings are coming through. There are 13 today.
13: There are 18 today, 100% germination.
18: I thinned them down to 9 plants.
April 3: They seem to be showing signs of iron chlorosis, so I sprinkled a little iron chelates on each cell, about as much as would fit on 3 match heads.
17: No sign of chlorosis, but many of the newer leaves are smaller than I expected. Maybe they were just dry. I transplanted them into 4-paks.
May 25: I set out 5 plants.
June 6: One plant is in flower.
June 30: Flourishing. Small peppers are visible.
August 3: Flourishing nicely. Large green peppers are visible.
25: The first large red pepper!
September 21: Frost killed them last night, but I got about 7 nice red peppers from them this year, and 4 green ones.
February 21: I planted 1 9-pak of Super Greygo Hybrid pimiento from Stokes, 2 seeds per cell.
28: 4 sprouts showing.
March 7: Only 8 seedlings. Moved to 1 per cell.
April 9: 14 plants, from more or late seeds.
12: I moved the 8 larger plants to larger cells (4-paks).
May 24: Set out 4 plants, all with fruit already!
June 1: Doing ok. Still adapting..
~April 4: Started some seeds.
May 23: 6 seedlings doing well.
25: Planted them.
June 1: Surviving
17: 4 alive, small, 1 in flower.
July 7: 4 alive and doing well.
29: 4 alive and 2 doing well.
April 11: Started seeds, 6 cells with 2 seeds per cell of Early Reds and the same of Better Belles..
17: No sprouts. Trays moved to be on the electric blanket.
18: Some Better Belle sprouts.
19: Some Early Red sprouts.
21: 9 B. B.. sprouts, culled to 6, and 10 Early Reds.
June 21: 6 of each doing well, 1 Early Red in flower.
August 17: Doing well.
30: Picked 2 red ones, from Early Reds.
September 15: More Reds are ready. The Better Belles are still green.
August 5: There are fruits on the plants.
August 28: One red pepper!