Oxalis or Purple Shamrock P H N
Oxalidaceae: Oxalis triangularis subsp. papilionacea
Oxalis, 2013
Oxalis in Sun, 2013
Oxalis, 2013
Oxalis in Shade, 2013
April 10: No information yet.

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December 31: I put tubers into the raised bed and they developed nicely, but a little late.
April 5: I watered what may be a pot of oxalis tubers that has been sitting on the basement window ledge all window.
18: Oxalis sprouts have appeared.
June 15: I split the pot contents into 5 clumps and put them into the raised bed.
July 31: All doing fine.
May 26: I split up 2 of the clumps that were stored in newspaper and buried the tubers shallowly in the raised bed. The indoor plant continued to flourish until I cut off its water a couple of months ago. I put it in the refrigerator today.
June 23: From all those tubers in only 2 places have new leaves appeared.
July 4: Those 2 places have produced several leaves each.
September 23: There are now 3 nicely filled patches.
April 16: All 3 pots have sprouted and have many stems and leaves now.
September 16: They did very well in the raised bed and in the house.
December 31: The bulbs from outside are stored in newspaper. The indoor pot is still flourishing.
March 29: I let the plant on the windowsill dry out in the fall, then put it into the refrigerator for a few months. I brought it out and watered it and it rapidly produced a pot full of new leaves!
June 27: The bulbs in the basement did not germinate. I decided to divide the house bulbs and put half of them outdoors, so I set them out and hardened them off. When I went to divide them, I found there were only 4 colourless watery tubers with pine cone-like stems on each of them, each stem leading to a leaf. Most of the leaves broke off from the cones during handling, and the cones from the tubers, and there were very few fine roots, so I decided to keep them as houseplants. I put 2 tubers and several of cones into each of 2 pots and returned the pots to the windowsill.
May 9: I bought 2 plants at the Assiniboine Park Conservatory plant sale.
June 17: I put one plant out in the garden, where it has lost some leaves but I expect it will recover.
July 2: First flowers.
August 6: Flourishing.
December 31: I had the bulbs brought in and I stored them in the basement.