Nicotiana, or Flowering Tobacco P H N
Solonaceae:  Nicotiana
Dwarf Red Nicotiana, 2013
Dwarf Red Nicotiana, 2013
Nicotiana, 2000
Nicotiana, 2000
March 13: No information yet.
June 21: I moved some Sensation Mixed volunteers to the bed along the fence.
July: Many volunteers on the mound in the raised bed.
~June 23: I bought a few dwarf red-flowering plants from Walmart and set them out.
September 16: They both did very well. The tall plants scent the air in the evening and attract a hummingbird in the morning, while the short ones carpet the ground.

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Other Years

March 30: I sowed 7 cells with package seeds from 2004 and 2 cells with seeds from 2008.
April 6: Many sprouts from the 2008 seeds, but none from the 2004 seeds.
16: Sprouts now also from the 2004 seeds, but not many.
September 16: They did well along the fence, and very well in the raised bed.
April 2:I seeded 9 cells .
May 27: I set out my seedlings.
June 13: Doing well. Yesterday they were drooping but today in the rain they look fine again.
April 2: I started 9 cells with many seeds per cell.
May 22: I set 7 plants out.
June 17: Doing very well.
August 6: They look marvellous.
April 3: I started 8 large cells using seeds from the 2004 package and some that I collected last year.
8: Rootlets have been visible for a few days, but today cotyledons developed.
May 31: I set out 5 good-sized plants, along the fence.
July 4: Coming along fine.
August 3: Doing fine but no flowers yet.
September 16: Many flowers. A fine plant in that semi-shady spot.
April 2: I started 9 cells.
8: Many sprouts.
12: Thinned.
24: Doing well, but after a very heavy watering, they are showing signs of iron chlorosis.
May 11: I set out my 9 plants. Two still had yellow in their leaves.
June 2: I bought 6 tall white-flowered Sylvester type plants from LaCoste Nurseries.
3: I set them out.
October 8: There are many volunteer plants and they are flowering well.
June 24: There are small volunteers in many places.
April 1: I started 9 cells. I put the seeds on top of a peaty starting mix on top of soil mix.
April 14: Thinned.
May 16: Set out. Their leaves are too large for 9-paks.
August 1: Doing well despite the extremely dry July.
April 3:  I started cells with several seeds of Sensation Mixed in each cell.
7:  Germinating seeds can be seen on top.
19:  Thinned. There were many sprouts.
May 11:  I planted 6 of them.
23,24:  I planted another 8 outside the fence.
June 17:  One flower.
July 19:  There is a huge mass of flowers, and a few outside the fence too.
October 2:  Still flowering, not as much as earlier.
February 28:  I ordered some seeds from Thompson and Morgan:  Nicotiana:  Sensation Mixed @ $1.99.
March 18:  They arrived.
20:  I started 9 cells with a few seeds in each cell.
25:  A few sprouts.
May 24:  I set 9 plants out in the southwest bed.   They are large with many leaves, but only a few roots.   I think they will have a difficult time getting started because the roots will not be able to get enough water for the leaves.
29:  I set out more plants along the fence.   The previous plants are surviving but not doing too well.
June 9:  First flower.
July 30:  The plants outside the fence have a nice display of blossoms, and the ones in the garden are covered with a profusion of them!
July 31:  There are a few small plants here and there, and today the first flower opened.
September 21:  A few scattered plants are flowering nicely.
May 28: No volunteers yet.
August 1:  There were no large volunteers, and I weeded out the few small ones.
July 1: There are 2 volunteers.
July 30: One flower.
August 16: There are volunteers flowering where the raggedy annes were.
September 17: Some of the volunteers look quite jolly.
October 4: Frost last night seemed to have killed the plants, so I mowed them away.
July 22: Volunteers have been almost as thick as weeds. I have let some grow among the poppies, and the first one came into flower today.
31: A few are flowering. They are not very tall.
September 30: They flowered pleasantly, especially this month.
October 12: The leaves are still going, but the flowers have been frozen.
March 22: 1 6-pak started, about 8 seeds per cell.
27: Sprouts.
April 8: Thinned to 2 per cell.
June 1: Doing fine now in garden, but was quite set back for a while.
March 18: 2 6-paks started.
29: Up and growing.
May 2: 5 plants transferred to large peat pots.
27: 5 peat pots set out. Good, large plants.
29: 5 set out.
June 29: 1 plant in flower.
August 7: Tall with many blossoms.
December 18: They put on a good show.