Muscari or Grape Hyacinth P H N
Liliaceae:  Muscari armeniacum
Muscari, 2007
Muscari, 2007
June 19: They flowered well.

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May 22: Buds ready to open.
March 24: Some green leaves.
May 8: Blooming.
May 20: Up well, and some are flowering.
June 1: Still floweriing.
April 17: Some are up.
June 17: They flowered nicely.
May 30: Flowering.
July 4: They did fine. They are pretty much finished now.
September 16: Their green leaves are still visible in their spots.
April 11 : The melting snow revealed many plants, well developed.
May 23: Starting to flower.
June 16: Almost completely finished.
June 20: Weeding the bed showed me that there seem to be many new plants. They are apparently multiplying.
April 23: There are a number of lilylike sprouts in the front bed. I suspect they are the muscari.
May 21: They make a gay display with their little flowers sprinkled all around the front bed.
June 16: Now they are holding up their dead flower stalks.

~September 14: I bought 100 bulbs at Super Value, for about $8.
~September: I have no idea what I did with them. Maybe I'll see them in spring!