Meconopsis grandis P H N
Papaveraceae:  Meconopsis grandis

June 22: I bought 2 plants from Lacoste Garden Centre for $12.95 each and set them out.
July 17: They are both crisp and dead-looking.

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Other Years

February 15:  I watered last years cells again.
March 10:  No sprouts so I discarded them.
January 12: Two sprouts. They apparently have their seed coats still on, or else are growing upside down. They appeared 1 and 2 days after I moved the cells into some light.
January 26: None left. I allowed the cells to dry out.
February 17: I began watering them again.
April 7: No sprouts, so I discarded them. I planted 10 more seeds in a 9-pak. The seeds were in the refrigerator, and had been for some time. I filled the cells with soil mix, then covered it with a starter mix that was equal sand, vermiculite, and peat, screened to be quite fine then microwaved. I gently pushed the seeds into the surface, put a drop of water on each seed, and put them under the lights in the basement grow table. Here's hoping; those were my last seeds.
May 7: Two sprouts, one right side up and one apparently upside down, with the seed coat in the ground and the root up. I think I will leave it since helping others didn't work.
28: The previous 2 sprouts have died, but 2 more seeds have sprouted.   Unfortunately they are growing just as abnormally.
January 3: Seeds arrived today from Thompson and Morgan, US$4.29.
May 21: I started 9 cells today, with 2 seeds per cell. They are in a plastic bag under the basement lights.
June 5: The seeds are sprouting. They are on the surface of their soil, and I can see roots developing.
June 6: More root development, but no green yet.
June 8: I decided that the roots were not getting into the soil, so I covered the root portions with soil and watered them down.
June 16: The seeds I helped mostly died of fungus. There are about 3 tiny seedlings now. They grow very slowly! I put them outside today for the first time.
June 27: None left. The last seedling looked fine 2 days ago with possible growth developing between the seed leaves, looked sick yesterday, and is gone today.
December 20: I started 9 cells today, with 1 seed per cell. They are in a plastic bag near the basement floor, temperature 15.5 C. I pushed the seeds about 1 mm into the soil. I put the remaining seeds in the refrigerator, still in their package.
Thompson and Morgan were sold out.