Madagascar Dragon Trees P H N
Dracaenaceae:  Dracaena Marginata
~March 20: I repotted the remaing live plant and put a thick piece of broken off root in water.
29: Now it has many smaller rootlets, and I planted it in a tall styrofoam cup. I also cut the parent plant back and put 3 pieces of stalk and the top leafy section in water.
April 4: I put the top leafy section in vermiculite in a perforated styrofoam cup.

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Other Years

December 31: 2 of the trees appear to have died but the surviving one looks healthy.
They still looked sickly, but I continued to give them minimal care.
I found a discarded pot with 3 of these trees in it. They looked sick, but I brought them home and left them outside with minimal care all summer.
I brought it in for the winter.