Oriental Lilies P H N
Liliaceae:  Lilium speciosum
Stargazer, 2001
Stargazer, 2001
March 13: No information yet.
May 26: Two stems are up in the raised bed where I left marker sticks.
September: They turned out to be tiger lilies.

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September 16: Some stems came up, and flowered, but they had to be moved. I moved 2 stems. I don't know how they'll do next year.
May 19: I bought 4 Stargazer bulbs from T&T for $8.95 and 2 Northern Dazzle bulbs for $11.95. Northern Dazzle is an orienpet, that is, an oriental-trumpet cross.
23: I planted them in the raised bed, 20 cm deep.
June 19: Finally, one plant has come through. It took a long time but the stem is quite wide.
23: 4 stems through now, I think. (One is too short to be clearly identified.)
Acapulco, 2000
Acapulco, 2000
May 22: I planted a bulb from the refrigerator labelled from 2000, but it appeared too dried out to become anything.
May 28: I have not been able to find the Acupulco bulb in the basement, so I bought a Stargazer bulb for $3.00 from Shelmerdine's.
May 29: I planted it.
June 18: Coming through today.
August 19: Two nice flowers now.
December 2: I forgot to bring the bulb in, so I went digging for it today. The digging was easy, but unfortunately, I could not find the bulb.
December 16: I was wrong! I found the bulb in the basement. It’s small and quite dried out, but I’ll keep it and try it.
December 20: I packed the bulb in moist vermiculite and put it in the fridge.

June 4: I bought an Acapulco bulb at T & T yesterday for $4.75, and planted it today. I dug a big hole, and incorporated peat, fertilizer, and sulphur.
21: It is coming through.
August 16: The first flower is opening today.
October 4: There was a heavier frost last night. I dug the bulb, and put it into the basement.