Lavatera P H N
Malvaceae:   Lavatera trimestris
Lavatera, 2003
Lavatera, 2003
March 13: No information yet.
June 23: None so far.

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Other Years

September 15: One volunteer reached a medium size.
January 1: No information yet.
June 17: I seeded a couple of weeks ago and the seedlings are coming along fine.
May 24: I sowed along the fence.
July 4: Many sprouts are coming along fine.
August 3: Coming along, but only 2 flowers so far.
May 24: I seeded.
June 25: I moved some of the seedlings to even them out.
May 13: I sowed a row of seeds in their usual spot, along the fence.
30: A few sprouts.
June 16: Growing.
May 22: I sowed a row of seeds in their usual bed along the fence.
August 1: Doing ok. The dry weather has kept them small but a few are showing a few flowers now. I hope the irrigation system helps them.
May 23:  I sowed a row of seeds, usings packaged seeds, and those I collected in 2003 and 2004.
June 2:  Sprouts.
July 7:  I thinned the row.
19:  2 plants have a flower each.
October 4:  Still a few flowers. They flowered nicely, but most are completely done.
May 29:  I sowed seeds collected last summer along the fence.   The seeds were from both pink and white flowered plants.
June 6:  Sprouts.
June 22:  I moved a few a few days ago in order to fill the bed evenly, and they are all still doing well.
July 29:  First flower, a white one.   There a a few volunteers plants as well as the ones I seeded.
August 24:  Flowering nicely, more pinks than whites.   The plants are a medium size.
March 26:  I put 11 seeds in water to soak.
27:  I bought a package of Silvercup, a pink variety from McKenzie seeds, at Rona, $1.59.
28:  I planted them in soil, with a very light covering of soil.   Some of them had split open and showed signs of sprouting.   I soaked 18 more seeds of the pink variety.
30:  1 sprout is pushing its way through.   I planted the 18 pink seeds.
31:  4 sprouts, all with their seed coats on.
April 3:  1 sprout from the pink seeds.
5:  Only 2 sprouts so I put 18 seeds in vermiculite.
May 22:  I set out my plants, about 11 of them.
June 3:   I sprinkled a little sulphur around them.   All have been flourishing, but one has a curled leaf.
July 1:   They are doing very well.   They are all developing flower buds, I think.   Today I gave them some acidic fertilizer.
11:  First flowers, pink ones.
21:  The pink-flowered plants are covered in blossom, and there are a few white flowers on one of the others.
August 14:  I dead-headed some early and some late and some not at all, and I am waiting to see what happens.
August 26:  They appear to have matured and died.
February 27: I ordered a package of Lavatera, Mont Blanc, 987B, $1.60, from Stokes. I ordered through Joan and she might just share some she already has.
March 27: I put 11 seeds in water to soak for 48 hours.
29: I planted them into 9 cells. Two or three were sprouting.
April 3: 1 up.
6: 4 sprouts.
12: I started more seeds soaking.
14: I planted the 2 that had most opened up, in soil mix under p-v-s mix.
15: I planted the others. They looked the same as yesterday.
18: 4 more sprouts.
June 6: I set out 6, plus a small sprout pulled from another cell.   Joan told me she heard of a few people who had difficulty sprouting their white lavatera this year.
8: I bought 6 Beauty White from Schriemer's, and set them out.   They are much larger than mine.
July 24:  2 Beauty Whites remain, and have many flowers and few leaves.   The Mont Blancs are shorter and sturdier, with many leaves, but only 1 plant has a few flowers.
August 12:  All but 2 plants have died, mysteriously.   The leaved curled up and turned brown, then the whole plant turned brown.
September: I am quite impressed by the plants at a house across the street, and at Joan's.