Ornamental Kale P H N
Cruciferae:  Brassica oleracea L.
Kale, 2009
Kale, 2009
April 9: I started 6 cells using 9 newly purchased seeds of Chidora Red.
10: One seed, which is on top of the soil, can be seen to be sprouting.
12: Almost all seeds have sprouted and are sending roots down. The rootlet hair fuzz can be seen near the seed. One sprout has its seed leaves. I moved them under the lights.
June 19: 7 plants are in the garden and looking fine. 2 died during hardening off. They were under the clothes dryer vent.

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April 27: I started 6 cells today with my last 6 seeds. I have left them in the basement in a plastic bag to sprout.
May 23: No germination. Discarded.
April 25: I started 6 cells today, 2 seeds per cell.
May 7: Only 1 sprout so far.
21: I set it out.
January 1: I bought seeds from T&T of flowering Nagoya mix.
May 3: I started 14 seeds in 14 cells.
31: I got only 2 sprouts, and am now down to 1 plant.
July 4: That 1 plant is coming along fine.
August 3: Coming along fine.
January 1: None this year.
May 13: I sowed 2 rows of ornamental kale, Nagoya mix, in the garden. I bought the seeds a few weeks ago at T&T.
31: One sprout today.
June 16: Still only the one sprout.
24: Alas, Ben removed it during weeding.
May 29: I sowed 10 seeds of Red Peacock ornamental kale seeds, from 1994.
June 11: No sprouts.
~April 4: Started some seeds.
May 26: Planted 2.
31: +2 at Parkview.
June 1: 1 dead, perhaps a cutworm.
July 29: 1 doing very well.
April 17: Planted 30 Red Peacock seeds.
21: 28 sprouts.
20: About 13 planted and doing well.
July 4: Doing well. Dusted with rose dust as a preventative.
September 4: Doing very well.
September 30: A killing frost, the first hard one. Plants still going.