Foxglove P H N
Scrophulariaceae:  Digitalis purpurea
April 5 I seeded 6 cells with newly purchased Foxy seeds, and 3 cells with older Candy Mountain seeds.
June 17: They are coming along in the garden.
July 31: Still coming along.

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Other Years

~June 28: A new package of seeds arrived today from Stokes Seeds.
~29: I sowed them in the garden.
September 23: There were no sprouts. Maybe in the spring.
August: I bought some seeds and sowed them in the raised bed.
September 15: I watered frequently, but I can't tell if any have sprouted or not. There are sprouts, but I don't know of what plant.
March 6: I planted 9 cells of Foxy foxglove today, with a few seeds in each cell.
12: There are many small seedlings this afternoon.
22: The snow has melted around last years plants, but it is difficult to tell if they will come back or not.
April 7: The seedlings are doing very poorly. They have scarcely grown at all since sprouting.
10: I put them into a window to see if natural light makes any difference.
15: Perhaps one is left alive.
17: I discarded them.
May 24: None left in the garden either.
February 22: 1 9-pak seeded thickly with Foxy foxglove seeds.
April 1: Recently thinned and doing fine in a cool chamber.
June 1: Doing fine in garden.
~September 30: A good display in late summer.
June 10: Either dead or very small.
24: Very small and yellow.
September 5: Still growing.
July 9: I planted one pink-flowered plant from St. Mary's Nursery.