Elephant Ear P H N
Araceae: Colocasia esculenta
Electric Blue Gecko Elephant Ear, 2013
Electric Blue Gecko Elephant Ear, 2013
Elephant Ear, September 2011
Elephant Ear, June 19, 2011
April 1: I have one bulb growing with about 3 leaves and about 10 small bulbs stored dry. I put the dry ones in water today.
25: 3 of the small bulbs now have small leaves.

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April 1: Potted my 5 green-leaved bulbs and watered them. The blue gecko has stayed alive under lights but the leaves burned up when they got too close to the fluorescent lamps, and then it was bothered by white bugs (maybe scale insects). I started spraying it with Safer's soap and the bugs are under control now. The plant presently has 2 small leaves with a 3rd one developing.
May 6: Two of the green-leaved bulbs have fresh growth. The blue gecko has done poorly. Its 3 leaves have gone crisp. I attribute this to the soap spray; I guess the soap should be washed off soon after it dries. I hope it can send out a new leaf.
June 3: I set out 3 bulbs which have a few leaves each, and the blue gecko, which has one small leaf in poor condition.
June 5: I put 2 plants outside, but the one I kept inside died back.
22: I bought a plant with black leaves, Electric Blue Gecko, from Lacoste Garden Centre, $12.95. The outside plants are doing fine. They lost most of their initial leaves but are growing new ones.
September 15: One of the green-leaved plants has only 1 leaf. I suspect that is due to water competition from the plants near it. The other is doing alright. I scarcely watered them this year. The Electric Blue Gecko has stayed about the same since I got it.
September 15: 2 plants doing well outside, but the one I kept inside died back.
Elephant Ear, June 2011
Elephant Ear, June 19, 2011
April 1: I bought a large bulb at St. Mary’s Nursery, $14.99. The instructions say Plant the bulb so that the bulb is just below the soil line. Elephant ears will grow as long as temperature is above 55°F. Plant after danger of frost is gone.
18: I started the bulb in a pot in soil.
May 22: A central shoot is green and about 1 cm tall, and there are a few side shoots.
June 5:I planted it near the pond. It has not grown much in the last 2 weeks. I hope it does better in the garden.
12: First leaf opened, a small one off a side shoot.
September 27:They did well. There were 2 large plants. Yesterday I lifted them and today potted them to start the winter in the piano room.