Corkscrew Rush P H N
Juncaceae:  Juneus effusus spiralis var Twister
Corkscrew Rush, 2013
Corkscrew Rush, 2013
April 24: The plants I brought inside slowly died over the winter.

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April 12: I have 2 pots of these now. They have flourished lately on the window ledge.
June 19: One partially died back. Some of its stalks turned brown. It is out in the garden now.
June 22:I bought a small plant from Rona, $1.75. The label says: Thick, glossy dark green stems curled like a corkscrew, upright habit. Unique foliage adds contrast to containers and is drought tolerant. Plant in shaded moist to dry areas 25 to 36 cm apart. Grows 25 to 36 cm tall. Aquatic Plant, Grown in Canada
23: I planted it in the raised bed.
September 23: No noticeable growth but still looks fine.