Columbine, or Aquilegia P H N
Ranunculaceae:  Aquilegia vulgaris
Nora Barlow Columbine, May, 2013
Sprouting Columbine, May, 2013
Nora Barlow Columbine, June 19, 2011
Nora Barlow Columbine, June 19, 2011
June 19: No plants yet.
July 31: 3 small plants.

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Other Years

June 23: There is one large plant and it is flowering well.
March 25: Some small new shoots.
September 15: One plant did well, and is still flourishing. I hope it produced good seeds.
May 22: Doing very well.
June 5: First flower is almost open.
13: A nice display.
September 27:It did well but I deadheaded it. Apparently it is a short-lived perennial that must reseed itself.
May 9: I bought a plant of the Nora Barlow variety at the Conservatory plant sale.
11: I set it out.
July 2: Growing fine.
May 6:  I put 18 seeds in vermiculite to start.
June 29:  No sprouts so I discarded them.
May 20: New growth is visible in its bed, in one spot.
July 24:  I can not find that one plant.
January 3: Seeds of the Nora Barlow variety arrived today from Thompson and Morgan, US$3.29.
May 21: I sowed 1 9-pak with 18 seeds.
May 22: I planted lupin seeds and stupidly I put 9 of the seeds in the centres of 9 Nora Barlow columbine cells.
June 14: I found 2 sprouts.
June 16: I moved 2 sprouts into cells of their own, giving me 3 sprouts each in its own cell.
June 25: I planted 12 more seeds. Let's hope I don't disturb this lot!
July 4: I planted 4 seedling in the garden. As they were small, I gave them cutworm collars.
July 10: First sprout from the second seeding. Of the garden seedlings, one is doing well, one is doing ok, one is maybe alive, and one is dead.
July 23: All garden seedlings are dead, but I have 4 more in the house.
December 2: I set out the last 4, and they were alive when frost came.