Cedar P H N
Cupressaceae:  Thuja occidentalis
Cedars, 2011
Cedars, 2011
March 30: No information yet.

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April 22: They were severely damaged by rabbits during the winter of deep snow.
December 31: The ones on the west of the row survived.
April 22: They look fine, although the one on the west that gets the most sun has a few reddish bits.
June 23: They look fine.
March 25: They look fine.
September 15: Flourishing. Perhaps it`s because of the drip-irrigation.
April 19: All the cedars, including the new one, look like they’re doing fine, but the new one is bent toward the house.
June 1: Some of the cedars are now showing a little bit of winter-kill.
September 27:Looking very good. I began daily drip irrigation about 6 weeks ago and I feel it has helped.
April 17: All the cedars, including the new one, look like they’re doing fine.
July 4: Doing fine.
August 18: I replaced the dead one with a new one from Rona, $4. I worked compost into its hole. It is mulched with cardboard, coffee grounds, and grass clippings. It is the same height as the 4 older plants, but not nearly as full, which shows that they have grown well this summer.
November 3 They all look fine.
April 4: They all look fine. There is still a bit of snow around them.
May 24: The one nearest the door has some dead branches and the live branches are not the most healthy green. I have started watering it.
June 24: The one nearest the door is quite definitely dead now.
April 11: They seem to have survived the winter well, although one is bent over a bit.
May 12: Ben put stakes in beside 2 of them and tied them up straight.
Cedar, 2006
Cedar, 2006
April 30: I rescued a cedar from a trash bin at a club. It had survived the winter in a pot but was not as green as newly purchased ones would be, so it was discarded. I brought it home.
May 1: I planted it in front of the house, in the middle of the patch of small-flowered irises.
August 1: The cedar from the club seems to have dried and died. I guess I should have watered it a lot. I bought 5 Emerald or Smaragd cedars at Rona, and put them in beside it first one. One of them died and I returned it. All the cedars get watered now from the irrigation system.
~September 13: I bought 2 more Emerald cedars from Home Depot and Norman put them in.