Cattail P H N
Poaceae or Typhaceae:  unknown
June 19: Doing fine. Many narrow stalks.

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May 12: I dug the plant out of the soil in which I overwintered it and put it in the pond. There were already some long thin green shoots and some of the old shoots were green inside.
June 23: Doing fine. Many tall shoots.
July 3: The water was clear and I saw many many white roots spreading throught the water.
September 23: They are still fine. Many reeds but no flowers. Of course, they don't get much nutrition in my pond. I don't want to add fertilizer because of the fish.
September 15: Did fine in the pond. Only leaves, no flowers.
July 1: I dug what I think is a cattail from a ditch, put it in a pot and packed peat moss around the soil, put the pot in a basket of gravel, and sunk it all into the centre of my pond. There is also some grass, reed grass I expect, with the cattail. There were snail shells so I expect snails and who knows what else.
September 27:It has done well. The main old stem died but there are new stems to replace it.