Astilbe P H N
Saxifragaceae:  Astilbe arendsii
Astilbes, 2013
Astilbes, 2013
April 10: I bought a bag of 15 bulbs from Costco.
June 2: I planted them. About half the bulbs have tiny shoots and half show no growth.
June 19: Only one plant is visible, one of those from last year.
27: There are shoots from 2 of the new bulbs.

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May 25: Up.
June 23: I bought 2 plants from Rona, one red-flowering (Fanal) and one pink (Peach Blossom), $9.99 each.
July 4: One is surviving but one seems to have died.
September 4: No, both are alive.
September 15: One doing alright by the fence. I bought it in a pot, from a greenhouse out of town. It has a white flower.
January 1: None this year.
March 13: I ordered 3 Heart and Soul pink plants from Dominion Seed House, $13.98.
June 3: They arrived today and I planted them.
January 1: What I called an astilbe is still there, cut off and sprouting from its base, but it looks a lot like a tree stem, not an astilbe.
August 3: I believe it was an astilbe but I can't find it now.
18: I found it but it was cut off and dead.
March 24: I do not remember where I planted those seedlings!
May 2:If they were outside the fence, I rototilled them.
June 2:I bought 2 tubers from LaCoste Nurseries, Astilbe hybride, one Diamant (white) supposed to grow to 50 cm, and one Amethyst supposed to grow to 100 cm.
3: I planted them along the fence, the white one to the south of the amethyst one.
August 13: They never sprouted. However, one of last year's seedlings has sent a stalk up!
June 25: I bought a package of seeds at Walmart.
28: There were many small seeds. I sprinkled them on the surface of some soil mix and put it in a plastic bag.
July 11: Many seeds sprouted about a week ago. Today I removed the plastic bag.
August 4: Due to forgetting to water, I am down to 3 sprouts now.
December 31: I planted them.